NBA Toons: This Is Why The Raptors Are Good


Remind me never to challenge a prehistoric reptile… can’t believe I fell for that, damnit.

No seriously, if you’re still wondering whether or not to take the Toronto Raptors seriously or mildly think of them as that “awww, look that them… they made the playoffs, AND got the Atlantic Div crown, SOOOO CUUUTE!” then think no more.

Still thinking? Then stop it! Because they’re a fun team to root for—emphasis on the word ‘team’.

It’s so simple how these guys play: Bosh will tear up anyone inside, if he gets doubled, pass it to any other players on his team and they either make their open shots, or skip it around again for even open-er shots. It’s as simple as deactivating a bomb while serving ice cream!

Anyways, watch them come playoff time, you won’t be disappointed (in case you end up disappointed, this conversation never happened.)

Random Clip of the Day: Alanis Morissette is fucking hilarious.


  1. James17930

    That’s right! Raps are gonna go far this year and surprise a lot of people. Now just a matter of whether we take out the unfortunate Wizards or the hated NJ Carters in the first round.

    You’ve summed up their system pretty well there — one more thing to look out for though is the high pick-and-roll, which they do a lot as well.

  2. I also love the Bryan Colangelo Cam in almost all the games… the guy has nice suits tho

  3. whatigotsofar

    I think the Raptors strength is their bench. Everybody on the team is contributing. And they’re actually using their bench, unlike some other teams, cough, cough, Phoenix, cough.
    Without their superstar Bosh, they’re still 6-6. They can give Bosh a rest and still have a productive time on the court.
    When it comes to whether or not they’ll win, when they’re dropping 3s, they can beat any team in the NBA.
    Still they need help on the boards though.

  4. cuzoogle

    you are a wise blogger

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