Thursday Thumbtacks: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, MUST LOSE!


That was a good tv season. See LOST? A show can be good, you should try it sometime. The title of course refers a phrase from the (Friday Night Lights) show, though it is a little modified, as it is about…

… the freakin’ Utah Jazz. What the eff? Dropping 5 straight? Somewhere that can’t be good with just a couple games left as Playoffs come around. Considering the fact that they might want to have a little bit of push too as they are likely to meet the not-so-easy Houston Rockets.

On to the gridiron ‘tacks!

  • Thanks to Steinz for pointing this out: Chris Bosh is blogging! In it, he mentions how he wants people to know he’s pretty funny, and not the laconic power forward Canada’s grown to appreciate. And I believe him! After taking a listen to his Podcast[mp3], dude’s got a fun personality. Could turn out to be a good show—they (it’s with a buddy Devo Brown) riff on current events and not all about basketball, pretty neat
  • Henry Abbott asks why don’t more Chinese kids wear Yao Ming jerseys? For what it’s worth, I don’t have any jerseys …
  • Sure Mutombo and Kevin Willis are old, but they aint got nuttin’ on this mothertrucker
  • Yi Jianlian is going to pre-draft camps, nothing that surprising really, except this tidbit from the article:

In November, Yi’s club cleared the hip-hop music loving teenager to enter the 2007 NBA draft on June 28. Yi, reportedly sought by several clubs, is likely to be one of the top picks.

I’ve seen that reported a couple times, the “likes hip-hop” music thing, elsewhere about Yi… and I just wonder, did they really have to include that “interesting” factoid? Is that how he’s going to be portrayed to the basketball world that reads the newswires? “Hey you hear about this Jianlian kid? No? Well, check this out: He likes hip-hop! Yeah! No shit! It’s all right here! Fuck yeah he’s probably good!”

Alrighty, to lazy it out the rest of the way:

Shaq’s awesome.

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