Playoff Photos: Yao’s Many Emotions


houstonrocketsgirl.jpgMy answer is: 1-c, 2-b, 3-d, 4-a

So the Rockets were able to dispatch the Utah Jazz last night where T-Mac finally has a chance to legitimately get out of the 1st Round in a convincing fashion. I don’t go deep into analysis of that game because—A) I totally didn’t watch it B) Don’t want to jinx the Human Twig aka McGrady.

Moving on to other Game 1s:

Raps lost in a close one (game I did watch, hurray for me). You know what? It was a good lost, as dumb as that sounds. They were looked shook because they got tight whenever Jersey scored and wanting to punch back right away with a bucket to get momentum—but in doing so, they let defensive matchups slip. There were hardly any possessions when the Nets didn’t score. I think Smitch needs to look into that.

Detroit won while Brian Hill was making his summer plans on the sidelines……

Bulls/Heat weird game: even with a crap game from Wade and a fouled out Shaq, it actually was a lot closer than the actual score—which was close as it was!……

OH, and make sure to browse HoopsAddict’s collection of playoff queries collected in a Voltron-like fashion, tons of great answers from everyone (psst! I also chimed in!) So have a look over at HoopsAddict now!


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