NBA Toons: Leandro Barbosa’s New Movie


*If you say that looks like Raja Bell, I will spork your face!*

Anyhow, last night’s Phoenix-Lakers game was an amazing ass whoppin’ from the Suns. Like I inappropriately said out loud at the bar last night: watching the Suns is like basketball orgasm.

(Note: I think it was inappropriate because it wasn’t even a sports bar, I just hijacked their tv)

Some Rapid, Quick, Fast (hmmm, what’s the word I’m looking for to describe something ‘in a hurry’?? arrrg, I’ll settle with) NOT SLOW Thoughs:

Captain Barbosa is freakin’ god. Just how dependable is he to torch the lights out? Every time he touches the ball I want him to shoot the damn ball because he’s like Q in the Bond movies — he’s got a fucking homing beacon for the leather roundie that can’t escape the bucket! HE CAN’T MISS

While La-la Land folks I have one thought: This is not even a team. When you play Shammond Williams…… well, you shouldn’t ever play Shammond Williams. Just end the suffering — Stern? Just call his one DOA please.

Bulls/Heat: Yo Shaq is so agile! He looks so sharp out there, like back in the Laker days. Too bad Heaters can’t score for their lives to open things up inside for the big fella. Man, how did the consensus pick Miami to beat the pesky Bulls?? Luol Deng = Grasshoper + Gazelle + Kryptonite he’s so good.

Raptors Nets: I’m calling this, Raps in 11 games.


  1. You had me at…Barbosa…

  2. hmm Matt, that makes me think of.. Jerry McGuire… a time before Scientology and when the world finally realized Renee Zeweger(sp??!??!) isn’t hot. Crazy times..

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