The Fugitive

manu-ginobili.jpgNo, it’s not me, I swear!

Yeah you! Book ’em Lou!

Man I love Manu’s game. Love his flying-in-all-directions type of style that kind of reminds of Pig Pen when I watch him. Sure he flops all the freaking time, but it’s so hard not to like his movements — I am enthralled by it.

What I don’t like and/or understand is what’s up with the constant “what the? ME??” look whenever he gets called for a foul. Okay, so the refs might call some phantom ones now and again, but come on dude, everyone hacks an opponent, especially during the intense playoffs. You’re pretty good on D, but let’s be real here, you’re no Saint Hubie Brown. And I hear Hubie used to deck mofos on the regular*

*probably not true

Point is, arrêt vos cochonneries, please! That wasn’t a photoshop job, that’s how I see you every freakin game now. Alright? We cool? Okay, back to loving your game…

Today’s Action:

Bulls at Heat– Put the Miami Fans (or whoever that pretends to be a Heat fan) out of their misery please

PHX at LaL– Final score 13893-98, Suns

DinoRaps vs. Nets– Should be a good one, Bosh-a-na-tor shall devour some Bones (Boone–get it?! I’m SOOOO clever) today

Side note: the name “Nets” should really be changed now, I vote for “Backboard” or “Side Foam”

Dallas at WarriorLand: the apocalypse


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