NBC’s Heroes VS NBA’s.. uh.. heroes..?

Because this post was inevitable from the likes of moi, as someone that is a TV addict as much as I am a hoops addict. Hence forth, thus is my obligatory melding of cultures with a common blog feature in comparing two seemingly unrelatedness things that are closer than you think… or something

Hiro Nakamura = Chris Bosh

Hiro in Heroes (hee!) is adored by the masses due to his light and comic tendencies as a character with a strong moral code of ethics. He always wants to save the day and has had dreams of being a real hero that is able to alter lives. His only downfall is that he is still so raw and doesn’t know how to control his abilities in able to maximize them. This is where Bosh comes in. CB4 has the skillz of a big man trapped in a Josh Howard body. However, the first round series versus the Nets have shown he can’t do it all (especially when he’s not connecting) — he needs a serious dominating presence… a sort of “evil Bosh” must come out and destroy all living things so that finally the rest of the world can see the type of elite skill he truly possess.

Isaac Mendez = Dirk Nowitzki


Isaac and paint the future — though he needed heroine to be able to use his clairvoyant powers. What? I’m saying Dirk’s a druggie? Nah, I’m just saying he fucking needs to get high or something because the way he’s playing now he’s like a lost puppy that got kicked in the stomach by a gang of hoboes (probably high on heroine, see what I did there?). So Dirk, if you don’t want to create a self-fulfilling “prophecy” of the future that your team is going to lose because you said so then play like you got some!

Baron Davis = Peter Petrelli + Sylar + the equation to life


I can’t even fully grasp this one. Maybe this would help, I’m not sure. Peter and Sylar are basically the opposites of each other: both has the exact powers, one for good, the other for evil. I believe The Baron is equipped with BOTH ENTITIES. He’s like Yoda ANd the Emperor — striking down the Rebels and the Empire all at once leaving us mere mortals scratching our puny heads trying to quantify his exact powers. Impossible is nothing? Impossible is Baron Davis.

Nikki/Jessica Sander = TMac


This one’s pretty easy: split personality. Tmac’s perpetual night/day heroics that as a fan either makes you cringe whenever he puts up shots or celebrate with bliss. Oh and yeah, just wanted to run the Ali Larter pic for the hell of it.

Part 2 with the other characters may or may not come later tonight or tomorrow. Or ever.


  1. unkown

    LOVIN IT! Grrrreat Job!

  2. awesome stuff, as always. will you ever do a prison break vs… convicted athletes edition? i heart wentworth miller!

  3. I heart Michael Scofield too!! wait… um… I mean.. what the hell is this Prison Break you speak of??

  4. i wanna fuck,suck, and lick you TMaC!!!
    you’re so handsome!!!
    fuck me please…

    fuck you guys!!!
    bwahahaha. . .

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