Finally! As much as I, like the rest of the sane world, wanted the crazy upset to happen, it was nice to see Dirk showing up to this series. The ice cream couldn’t have tasted as sweet if his 67 win team gets booted from the Uno Round.

His two clutch 3s were a thing of beauty, ICE COLD daggers son! Happy to see ze German get his MVP-on. I may, talk about worst.candidate.eva if he lost. Much like Nash last year with his MVP talk while “on the brink of being Lakered” (trademarked!) Steven did was he do and grew a pair when it mattered most.

For what it worth ($4.73 to be exact. Oh, and it’s in YEN bitches) Golden State will win on Thursday. That’s not a prediction, that is cold hard fact — harder than something’s that’s really hard.

In relevant news: Again with the Clap Back Ejections?!!?

Ken Mauer, dude. Look, your Poor man’s Pat Riley-slick-backed-hair is cool and all, but this is just getting ridiculous. Yes, I understand refs shouldn’t be showed up and all that bullcrap — but let’s face it, you guys are now looking like pussies for doing what you’re doing re: Clapgate. It’s especially annoying that you’re singling out Action Jackson. He’s slowly becoming my #1 Person To Call In Case I Ever Need to Have a Street Gang War Against My Annoying Neighbors That Asks “Heeeeeey, sooooo, how’s it going?” I Mean, Really? I Don’t Care About You, Or Your Stupid Dog! ……

Uh.. where was I? Oh yeah, in conlusion. I hate you Ken Mauer.

Sweet: Steve Kerr is blogging at 3 in the A.M., just like the rest of us bloggunatics! I love it.

Hmm, what else is floating around this early in the day? (yo 10am is early for me dude — I usually don’t get going until… 4, 5…9PM!)


Yay for the T-Dot peeps to make the series last slightly longer and giving home fans a good game to cheer on. They had a wonderful regular season and even though they weren’t even supposed to be in the postseason it’s great to see them getting their money’s worth.

As for the Nets? They might be able to close it out in the Swamp, with TJ Ford and Calderon bruised in a bad bad way — and the offense really needs their point guards. Darrick Martin, time for you to drop 50!


  1. JaketheSnake

    Would it be wrong of me to coin the phrase 3 pint upset? Y’know kind of like a 3 pint breakup just with the title that got away instead of the boy/girlfriend that got away. I think Dirk is probably hitting the Häagen-Dazs pretty hard right now.

    I would’ve put this in the Upset City thread but I thought with the ice cream pic it would be more appropriate.

  2. Borat: “What’s crackin’ vanilla face?”

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