NBC Heroes Vs. NBA Heroes Pt. Two

We continue with our in-depth investigative reporting on comparing a tv show we like with NBA basketball players. Why? Because I just calls ’em as I sees ’em. Oh yeah, and Lost can go jump off a bridge.


Linderman & Nathan Petrelli = Kobe & PJax

Oh I went there!

Okay, to be brutally honest, I’m being cute here, this one is definitely more of a ‘lookalike’ comparison than real analysis… I mean, just look at Linderman! He’s such a Zen Master!

On the show, Linderman is this “all knowing elite boss” that wants to impose his world philosophy upon the world, whether they like it or not. Sound familiar?

(Side note: did I just have 3 paragraphs that started with words beginning with the letter “O”? Huh.)

Nathan Petrelli is this smug bastard of a politician that wants it all to be about him. He’s constantly undermining his own family members just to get ahead in the polls — also, his power is flying, something every man deeply wants to do, but cannot, thus we are envious with rage.

Holy shit! That one totally works! TheHype +2 pts AND the foul!

Candice Wilmer = Vince Carter

1) Vince is a girl

2) Candice is hot

c) um… 1) & 2) didn’t create some sort of weird homo-erotic vibe did it…?

4) Explanation: Candice does “illusions” NOT ‘allusions’, whereby she is able to shift the appearance of the environment and herself thus fooling just about everyone. HMM… Nah, can’t be Vince right? Besides, Candice probably won’t settle for outside jumpers, so suck on that VC!

Everyone Else = Lottery Ballz

Ehh.. ran outta ideas. Really. I guess Claire’s pretty important to the show. But I keep going back to calling Carter a girl again…

Alright, so that wraps up this lil’ fun pack. Next time: the cultural phenomenon — 7th Heaven.


  1. I can’t help but post a self-serving link if for no other purpose than that of continuity (as in continuation)… Here’s Give Me The Rock’s Celtics Heroes.

  2. Nels, I think Tommy Heinsohn is the eclipse for “Heroes'” title credit… you shouldn’t look/listen to it/him, but it’s/he’s too outrageous *not* to be drawn in! ehh? ehh??

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