What is this? Blood?


So once again, the Spurs, the g’damn Spurs, are deciding that the whole world can’t live in a place without having a tie-less Gregg Poppppppovich become supreme ruler of the all that is holy in basketball. Damn they are so good they give me acid reflux — and I don’t even know what that is.

Would Nash have made a difference in the outcome of the game yesterday had he not sat out the important moments of the game? Would the game result be different of some of iffy “lucky bounce” calls of the refs weren’t called? Those are the QTs (not Quentin Tarantinos, but “questions”) many bballer fans are asking this Monday-day.

Though the calls sucked, I don’t think they were controversial enough that decided the game — it was more ‘eh’ what can do you, those shit things happen. Here’s the kicker: the Suns can win this series because that Game 1 told me something, they can hang with the Spurs. YES, I know the Spurs won, I went to see the eye doctor prior to tipoff to sure I won’t make up things as the game went on.

However, the main thing was that D’Antoni & Co. weren’s fazzled dazzled, they just looked focused: need a bucket, find a scorer. It’s just that some of the late calls stopped all their momentum. I’m not sure about all the the Spuriffic Jedi Tricks I’ve read about the series and how they want the Suns to score–they’ll match them or they want Nash or STAT to put up big numbers–they’ll shut down the others. Not buying it just like I didn’t buy that $60 pairs of jeans the other day, I mean come ON 60 bucks? For a pair of jeans? Who do you think I am? The Prince of Persia? Sheesh!

Pertinent Series Reads:
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Other Series Yo (In Pictoral Analysis):

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Because Jamie Mottram and Steinz continue their effortful crusade to share with the TV world the big fun of sports blogs, here by she Blog Show #7: The Quickening (where a certain doodle post by a certain someone got mentionez … hint: IT WAS ME! MEEEEE! suck on that Pixar* 🙂 )

*I’m sorry Pixar, I love you baby… I’m nothing without you…


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