Mike Brown Believes The Crap Outta Pavlovic

Mike Brown

So tonight’s Game 2 for the Nets and Cavaliers should be a good one really really horrifically boring game. How can we have LeBron, JKidd, Vince Carter and yet this series is as exciting as watching the grass grow (on astro turf!). Anyways, the one name that’s getting decent attention is Sasha Pavlovic. He’s the guy that made the clean block on the Jason Kidd attempted layup. (Which begs the question, Kidd can still do a layup?)

MB (Mike Brown, we’re boys like that) is truly a believer of The Pavlovian Meister (trademark nickname!) because dude sought him out for the defensive assignment. Yo he freaking brought the sought on:

“Anytime a player looks me in the eye and says, ‘I want that assignment,’ oooh, I’ve got to believe in my player,” Brown said. “He’s going to concentrate that much harder to do the right thing.

“I looked him in the eye when he stayed on him, and the look I got, I felt confident in him. You want it? Go ahead. Pick that man up.”

And after you pick him up, go pick up the trash, the kids and do the laundry as well! So yeah Sasha is the one to watch out for as a the X factor.

OH, by the by, it just can’t be me right? Every time I see Pavlovic, I think, damn doesn’t he play for the Nuggets? And how come there’s another one of him on the Nets? The very opponent they are battling?? Me so confused!

Okay, I guess I’m just grouping a bunch of Euro ballas with shaved heads together to make my case (I could’ve easily put Darko in there too… but let’s not get carried away here…)


  1. amqcw

    I agree with you that this is a really boring series. Right now I see the game is close in the final couple of minutes though. Anyway…for as many big names as there are out on the court…it really just confirms my belief that LBJ is over hyped. Yes, he brought some success to the Cavs, but…so what? He’s boring to watch, many of his points come from the free throw line, and he hasn’t made anyone else around him better (which is what Nash does…and he’s awesome). I guess I’m also sick of the ‘Witness’ campaigns for LBJ…are we witnessing the coming of the next messiah?

  2. We’re also witnessing LeBron’s massive massive triceps (those things are huge!)

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