Robert Horry is Now An Enemy of Canadiastan

Horry, seen above, unable to stop his Elbow Rampage of Doom, going as far as destroying Rah Rah next (Getty Images)


Yo Rob, what up?

Dude, let’s be real. That last play there? Yeah, yes, that one, where you shoved poor little South African-Canadian Steve Nash into the money maker (not a euphemism—I’m talking about those scrolling advertisement boards)? Bro. That was a bitch ass move.

I think I agree with Henry about the calls dropping Phoenix’s way (because yeah, I was thinking “damn, PHX must get everything their way to win”), but still, please, don’t be those fucking pieces of turd that can’t lose with dignity. Look what you’ve done Rob: messed up Nash’s pitch perfect free throw shooting form (missing two late FTs, which I believe is straight up illegal for someone with his % to do) AND now threaten Boris Diaw and Amare Stoudamire’s playing status for Game 5 because they might be in crap land due to their getting-off-the-bench-ness. Are you happy now?


I respect what you do—you’re so clutch that it’s hard not to give ya a head nod. But c’mon now, you’re not doing the organization and fans any service with shit like that. And Spurs fans, do you still stick with the “we play tough—not dirty” mentality? Time to face the music, like how you realize your dog pees on your favorite shoes on purpose. You can’t let that stand no mo’.

I have a bad feeling Stoudamire and Diaw would both get tossed for Game 5. And that completely sucks as a fan of watching basketball. Really, in years past, with the Spurs owning it, I didn’t like it, but they deserved it. This year, if they win it all, it’s going to be because of tard-plays like Robert Horry. Unfun and uncool


  1. Limpshiznit

    Cannot take up for Big Shot Bob here but everyone talks about that being a defining game for the Suns, playing tough, playing the Spurs style, getting physical, and how that would put them over the top. Didn’t those same people say that LAST year when they were on the verge of being ousted by the Lakers and then they came back and won?? Didn’t get them much further then did it?

  2. You’re absolutely right LSN, which is what makes losing STAT and Boom Boom that much more stinging (stinged? stingly?)

    They have “some” momentum, but it’s really now all deflated with 2 starters out. So any chance for that “pushing over th top” won’t be there anymore.

    Though, I like I said the in post above though, that game had a bunch of lucky bounces for the Suns– which, all else being equal, they were supposed to lose that game…

  3. bhonjaze

    really uncool. he could now be in the top of the list of most wanted in Canadiastan, and the sure do want his head on a plate. with that said, the hate really comes not only on the ordeal that Stevie had to go through with that ad-board but with the fact that the Suns would go wounded in Game 5. They will be without Amare and Boom, and that is indeed a reason for a good headache on Suns land. c’mon Bob, you have to let your game decide the outcome of the game, and not with those cheap tricks. i believe the harder the Suns are being pinned down, the stronger they will come back.

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