Breaking News: David Stern Hates Your Silly Dreams

The Suns… I don’t think they’ll ever get to the Finals without an alien invasion taking place in America West Arena. Joe Johnson one year, Amare/Raja the next, then Amare/Diaw this year. David Stern, as great as he is, sometimes becomes so pragmatic and draconian to me. I bet he thinks the NBA offices are the Jedi temple and everything they believe in should be “the way”.

You know what happened Dave? Anakin Skywalker turning into Darth Vader because of his hatred of the restraint of the elders. Steve Nash will turn evil because of you! It’s come to making nerdy references dude.

That said, I believe they’ll pull off the upset Wednesday (well, tonight… it’s 2am of the day as I’m writing this… so…) Why? Because I’m crazy and Charles Barkley’s passionate yammering against the rule have made the situation better to me. And that makes me have faith. When the Round Mound of 300 Pounds calls out the league, all’s good in that world.

Love how Ernie used the town bell to break up the continuous, looping debate. It can’t be said enough how great Inside the NBA is.

Oh and uh… the national darlings are done. I dunno man, I wish the Warriors wouldn’t have gone out in that hot headed way (how many techs were there). But at the same time, it’s that same emotion that fuels Oakland’s surge—ripping the heart out of Dirk, literally. So it’s a push and… well, I digress.

Doug Collins, as Stephen Jackson gives Jerry Sloan a hug: “I like that.”



  1. james

    I can’t believe the nba’s ruling of amare and diaw. The rule needs to be changed. The bench area is a small area where you can easily step on the floor. The rule doesnt protect anybody, it just makes a mess of things. You shoudnt get punished for doing your job and making sure you star player is ok after he is slammed and lifted off the ground into the wall. The definition of vecinity is the surrounding area of something. There is no limits on how far the vacinity is so the rule has leaks…If you elbow , knee , shove , punch , kick , or have intent to harm then you are at wrong . If you rush over to your teammate thats on the ground then you are being a concerned teammate, and why should be punished for that. There needs to be more people involved in the decision making of the rules. The coaches should be able to have a say in it . But when its obvious what the decision should be its pretty sad that the resolution of it makes them look foolish .

  2. I’m trying to make myself feel better by chanting voodoo with some chicken’s blood for good measure…

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