Bulls Go Bye Bye!

Ah yes, the Mighty Mighty Bulls are finally vanquished.

God that took long enough!

Okay so I gots to run (tra la la la) and get some mundane stuff done today so this post is just up if y’all want to chime in about the Pistons/Bulls game which you ALL WATCHED right?

(pfft, I didn’t! I was checking up on Scrubs yo… I can’t believe JD and Elliot??!! WHyyyy SIX Years people, not this again!)

But hey guess what? I’ll do a live blog of tonight’s UGGGGhhh Game 7 up in here. I liked the comments coming in from last post, so those around the PC/laptop/brain-injected-internet hookup while watching the Suns and Spurs titilate, join me later tonight cool? I said, COOL? Nice!

Oh and Smorgasblog is up… if you’re into that kind of thing!


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