So, throwing this baby up as the Nets are stinkin’ up the joint… I can’t believe LeBron’s going to the Conference Finals in the dullest way imaginable. The Cavs lead by 15 right now at halftime… yeah right Bron gives this up… Alright, please, leave any comments, voodoo chants or game insights for the upcoming Game 6 in a few hours (or you can talk about the the rest of the Cavs/Nets game…BWAHAaahahha.. riiiight..)

— So LeBron is actually very good… when he fuckin gives half a crap. Great job guys, would ya do us a favor and give the world something to care about in the Conference Finals against the Pistons? Thanks! Hugs & Kisses xoxox

— FREE JEFFREY VAN GUNDY! Seriously tho… must be awk-ward this morning with the ESPN guys prepping up right…?

MIKE BREEN: (reading the news that Jeff’s fired) Oh no… oh.. no… ohno ohno ononononononono!

JVG: What is it Breeny?

MB: uhhh… how can I say this… um… Hrm… Okay… when one parent doesn’t love the other…

JVG: The fuck are you talking about Mike?

MB: … I love you


MB: I mean I mean I mean… you got canned man

JVG: oh.. yheah, seen that shit coming, no biggie — you don’t think I knew that when I agreed to come on with you dumbbells?


5-4: STAT picks up his first foul already…. this is gonna be tough

8:45: okay I’m switching back to “time” format rather than score, because there’s no way knowing who’s who… anyways… right now I can’t tell which voice is Jeff’s and which one’s Jon Barry’s. 7-7

5:51: Nice to see both teams are “on”. Don’t want no dud game yo. I wonder when they’ll talk about Jeff’s fired ass? Cooooome oooon, talk about it already!

3:37: Barbosa gets a good strong layup/banker, a steal and also going up strong.. that’ll dust off any Game 5 Brazilian funk, also known as Sao Paolo SuckFest. Meanwhile Stoudamire is looking nice on offence and active on D

— I feel JVG is commentary-mic hogging, bastard! But he’s good, breaking down plays, 21-19 for PHX

— YAY, they get to talk about *feelings*! About Van Gundy’s pink-slip. Damn, Mike Breen is impressive… big chaos plays going on and Breen is STILL able to question Jeff and call the play by play!

— End of first and we’re all tied up at 23… the pace obviously isn’t PHX’s but Spurs won’t let that happen anyway. Clickey to read on..

10:00: the 2nd Q is getting up to a manic pace, both teams are not missing. Jeff admits that the Suns are a much better defensive team than people think

— tongue slip and Breen picks up on it: “you almost gave him a new nickname: ‘Tony Pick-and-Roll”… yeaaah… how about “Tony Shut Your Face”… I kid I kid… or am I?

8:40: Battle of the speed demon point guards. Beep! Beep!

7:50: Daaaamn, crazy series of play. Everyone on the floor chasing the loose ball. 35-34 Spurs

6:38: Stoudamire apparently has a resto (well, which athlete doesn’t?). I bet his best dish is The Olowokandi Facial Jam Pie

5:02: Kurt Thomas is a saint, being the lone guy out there guarding Timmy Duncan one on one. Someone should send him a postcard letting him know he’s not a alone

— Amare a nice deflection on Duncan and dunks on the other end

2:59: NASH IS AN ALIEN! There’s NO way he should’ve made that pass to Stoudamire for the dunk and1… what on holy biscuits was that?! Drive past Finley, meets Duncan, goes up right, but wraps all the way around Tim to get to Amare… W, T, F…

— Hey Robert Sarver interviewed by Michelle Tafoya… say something crazy… say something crazy… say something crazy… BOOOO! Nothing crazy said 😦 51-47, Spurs starting to pull away by getting tons of 2nd chance-ness

1:22: Oh god, that bruise on Nash’s left calf… like a giant spider bite… that’s from the amazon jungle. Marion huuuge dunk trailing the breakaway

— 53-51 Spurs at halftime, just like the rest of the series, this one’s a close game. You know, the Suns/Spurs isn’t as far off a gap as people think it would be on paper. Phoenix definitely has a stronger edge, mentality that doesn’t look like being down phases them… let’s hope they get it over the hump in the 2nd half

10:44: 3rd Q, 55-51. The great Matt Bonner is in. We should chreish this day

8:36: I like Stoudamire’s strategy—he’s being blocked, and deflected shot by Duncan. What he do? Just freaking try to RAM the ball in… Elson lucked out from not being facialized

7:30: Wow, Nash is furious. I think this is good. His teammates know the shit’s going down.

5:37: 63-61, daaamn, this game is good. The crowd has zero baring on this game, watch and learn other playoff teams, what and learn.

–shit, we come back from the timeout and already back to back treys from the Spurs. Good call from D’Antoni to stop the short bleeding

14 to 2 run… 72-61, PHX needs a big spark and stops

— Dicky B missed the crucial call man. Oh, that Barf Cam is back. Look, I don’t have a big screen TV nor do I have an HD set, it’s horrible

81-67, end of 3rd… I have huge faith in Nash, for he is magical… but fuckin Jacque Vaughn?? Why the fuck do you have an “N” at the end of your name?

10:30: The Spurs aren’t making this easy. Especially when… a possible 4-point play… and then an offensive foul on Raja Bell… the Suns need Nash back in… NOW

— 18 point lead, and San Antonio aren’t afraid to shoot, like Parker going bananas now

— check that.. 20 pt game.. ugh

— Nash hits, but damn, hurting yo

5:29: 84-96, free throws can’t be missed yo, and not when Finley nails a deep three

2:01: Amare big FTs, 7 pt game… just under 2mins to go. What are you made of, Suns?

Oh yeah… wellp… What can I say. Suns are such a fun team to root for and I just would like them to go the Finals, at least. But the road to championship is a tough one. The Spurs aren’t dumb dumb (well, maybe Jacque Vaughn) But yeah… tis toughness. Will the Spurs win it in the odd year again? I can’t say. Pistons won’t be fooled twice.


  1. Limpshiznit

    I want to like LeBron but just can’t. I still havn’t bought into the hype. Right now he just dunks good, like VC did when he came into the L. IF he can develop a J like MJ did then he might have a chance. Of course IF this is all rigged then lil David Stern just might be able to “poof” them right into the Finals.

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