Who’s Going Where

Two things:

1) It’s actually nice outside around my parts, so I’ve decided to do something very strange: try to enjoy it. That’s why maybe the posting maybe a bit thin. Maybe.

2) The real reason why the posting is thin: g’damn the Spurs like to lay the pounding on the Jazz. It’s just not fair. At least with the Suns series, PHX were very tight with them until the end when the Championship mentality took over and calmed things down to win. However, with this series, the Jazz simply cannot answer to close the gap. Which makes for very uninteresting posts about it. Booo!

Cavaliers/Pistons? You ask? LeBron’s smart. A little too smart. Very yoda-ish…… in all his postgame interviews, whether he won or not, he’s very calm and composed. WHY ARE YOU SO CALM AND COMPOSED BRON?!?! Actually, I think it’s a good thing, years past, guys like Kobe or T-Mac get rattled after a tough loss, but with LBJ, he’s thinking “shit yo, I can bend the spoon if I wanted to!” Scary. Hopefully he wins one in Detroit just to shut Magic Johnson up just a tad.

Re: NBA Draft— Danny Ainge’s self e-Mail:


And seeing the Celtics not get their tanking ways rewarded. Big IN YOUR FACE! I have no idea if Yi Jianlian is going to the Celtics, but I just think that it’s a funny sight to have a 19 (22, whatever) year old Chinese kid be the next franchise stepping stone of the Boston Celtics. That imagery is just funny to me. Ha ha funny. Cute girlfriend he has tho.

Tonight’s there’s no games. GOOD. I need all the attention I get for the LOST TWO HOUR SEASON FINALE. Yo, it’s been a sucky season 3 of Lost I admit, but I’m still a regular watcher even though the writers fucking drag everything when they don’t need to.

Things I want to happen tonight on the finale: Jack to die. Kate to die. Charlie to save the day, but die. The monster is revealed and is David Stern. And Locke survives the gun wound to kill Ben. So yeah, lots of death, PLEASE. The finale of Heroes was horrible. I meant that lovingly, since I do like that show, but really? All the buildup, and no final battle? Underwhelmed yo.


  1. SG

    Are you crazy? The last couple months of Lost have been super awesome.

    If Jack dies, I’ll be super bummed. The only other relatively hot dude on the show is Desmond and he’s been pretty lame as of late.

    Thank got there’s no basketball tonight. It’s going to be a good episode.

  2. I dunno man, sometimes Lost just bores me with some slooooow episodes. Like last week’s, that “Jacob” spooky thing was the bestest part (hah, and it was only 3seconds) I can’t wait to tonight!

    Ah.. Matthew Fox and the ladies.. the reason why I want him to die because Jack is such a dickhole sometimes. Like why hold back info?? He’s like the McHale of the island! ZING! 😛

  3. SG

    There were some slow episodes (i.e., those first six) but some of the recent ones have been out of hand! They more than made up for the slow start this season.

    I lost faith in Jack for a minute but am coming around. Obviously he’s got everything under control.

    Did you see this:

  4. Ahaha good times.

    I guess the Submarine = NBA Draft. Don’t you worry SG, tomorrow, I’ll have a massive post on this (staying on hoops topic be damned!)

  5. firedannyainge

    Karma sucks for Danny Ainge.


  6. how bout some lost finale live blogging?

  7. SG

    I was actually going to suggest the same thing.

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