LeBron Doing It At 22, I Now Feel Like A Fetus

So many times, when you’re “sorta” rooting for the underdog… be it Iverson, Vince Carter (I KNOW I KNOW, shhh!), T-Mac, those folks that just… so… close… to winning on their own. What happens?

They fail. They always fail.

Dwyane Wade is kind of the exception I guess. But that was a total anomaly, no idea how that happened.

LeBron, with his “who’s who” (seriously, WHO are those guys) rag tag gang of humanoids he calls teammates, is about to make me believe that the star can do this. Now I’m projecting further, I WANT James to win this series. So that I can see him prove it again against the Spurs. So say we all.


  1. Limpshiznit

    Nope regardless of my Pistons love I did pick the Spurs to win it all before the Playoffs started.

  2. Yeah, Who is on the Cavs.

  3. Spurs… yeah… they’re slowly becoming the Empire of the Playoffs.. which is a perfect adversary for the BronBron.

    Gossip: Yous a crazy mofo! haha

  4. JakeTheSnake

    Little known fact: Bobby’s older brother is a Gilbert Arenas fan. No really, look at what he’s wearing.

  5. Limpshiznit

    NO lie, I love me some Agent Zero too. Got me an all star jersey to show my love, only one I own other than Chauncey B-b-b-b-billups.

  6. Limpshiznit

    While this hasn’t gone on nearly as long as their predecessors…. isn’t this eerily reminniscent of how the Pistons were on top before only to fall to the Bulls and go out , admittedly, like some punks?? Bad Boys never shook hands while McDyess took his hands to Varajao’s throat.

  7. Good connection Limp! Yup, it’s very similar… and the Pistons playing the Bulls in the 2nd round makes this whole thing even funnier — and making my head hurt.

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