Greg Oden Wants To ‘Make It Rain’!

Uh… not in the way you think, you crazy Pacman Jones people!

G. O. has a blog on Yarkbarker and it’s pretty neat. He seems to write it himself (there were tons of typos… not sure if Yarkbarker peeps are cleaning it up) and he even comments with users with ‘lol’s. Damn, he is a kid.

So on his newest entry, dude talks about the NBA draft ‘combine’ — where they workout the future millionaires. He mentions how he shyed away from bench pressing (pfft, I can do 500 in my sleep!) and other silly workouts.

The one workout he failed miserably was the 3pt Shot, to quoth:

At the end of the workout we had to shoot an NBA three-point shot. I definitely air-balled mine. Afterwards, I was just shooting around doing my best “Along Came Polly” impression of “letting in rain” and “iceman.” I hit 2 in a row! Maybe I should say that everytime I shoot a NBA three-point shot….

Oh my god, Greg, please please do that. In case you have no idea, here is the scene from said “Polly” movie (you know, during that year when Ben Stiller made 400 flicks in a month)

Dare I say it? Next season, “RAIN DROPS!” is IN, “Hibachi!” shall go OUT?!

Orlando, Orlando [Greg Oden blog]
Along Came Polly clip [YouTube]


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