LeBron! Detroit! Game 6! Jubilations!

The picture above captures everything.


It shows how Les Brons is creeping himself into supernova mode. It shows his crawl to greatdom. It shows… his fingertips!

Yeah he’s probably dead tired and sore all over for today. But damn if he doesn’t suddenly have way more energy than Darryl Armstrong on crack. Here’s my best guess for tonight’s showdown:

> Lebron will get double teamed all night with Lindsey Hunter on his jock the entire time, shadowing him

> Damon Jones comes back from the beauty salon and hits multiple 3s due to said double team: rain drops!

> Rasheed will get his 6th tech and then subsequently bite off Flip Saunder’s ear

> Steve Kerr will make a funny joke about his GM situation in Phoenix

> Final Score: 103-100 OT, Cavaliers win… crazy I know.

Predictions. Comments. Nude pictures. All are welcome in the comments section. Ahoy!


  1. That’s far from crazy, that almost prophetic. The Cavs will wrap this up tonight so it’s definitely the truth.

    If you get a minute go check out at http://www.fanprophet.com. There’s some pretty interesting things going on in the world of online fantasy sports. No banners ‘yet’ but within the next couple of weeks there will be some very exciting opportunities to look forward to.

  2. I think Lebron will continue his quest to superstardom tonight with another break out game, not as impressive as Game 5, but pretty darn good…

    Daniel Gibson is going to knock down quite a few 3’s because I see Detroit doubling Lebron and paying close attention to his every move to avoid what happend on Thursday.

    So yes…I second your prediction…The Cav’s will take it tonight. Read more on my 5 Reasons Why Detroit’s Season Is Over at http://sportsrush.wordpress.com

  3. Blast! I had hoped I’d be the sole Prophetizer, good stuff you got there themaroon!

    Dee– I hope Boobie pops out big as well …… (he he he he he) they need him.

  4. Limpshiznit

    After Sheed got the tech did he scream “Praise be to Allah, I want to eat your heart, I want to eat your children!” after the biting off of flip flops ears??

  5. Sheed is absolutely nuts. What a great win for the City of Cleveland.

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