A Comparative Study of Two Great Bodies

It’s not often I bust out talk about NBA coaches (actually, I hardly ever do). But I just felt today was the day. We know that The Billy Donovan Remix Tape didn’t pan out as well as the Orlandoans Orlandants O-Town citizens hoped it would. But fear not! Greater light is on the horizon. In the form of Stan Van Gundy.

The SV-Gun has a storied career: took over the 2003-04 Heat — when Sith Lord Pat Riley thought it’d be another 10 years before they can make it to the playoffs — but was successful in running a solid team and showcasing the rookie that was Dwyane Wade. 04-05, Stan the Man was thisclose to getting the team to the Finals. Of course, the next season, Riles was back and Gundy might as well been in Witness Protection because that was the last time we ever heard of him.

BUT, even with ALL THAT. The one thing that’s most remarkable about Stan Van Gundy’s work is, and will always be: his resemblance of Ron Jeremy. So, in the worst transition ever, here’s what those two men would bring to the NBA table for next year:


  1. a) Accounting makes my head hurt.


  2. Dude, that is the funniest comparison I’ve ever seen in my life. I never thought of that once. LOL!

    On a more serious side, the Magic did get a great coach in SV-Gun. I still feel the plug was pulled early in Miami and I’m sure he can bring winning attitude to Orlando.

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