Yesterday was the Spurs, behold today part 2 of our 2 part series in PROFILES OF AN NBA FINALIST.

Okay, so I really got nothing for today’s case study of the Cavaliers. They are an interesting team to say the least — only because of how they got to where they got (huh?). That’s why the only thing I came up with is LeBron here in the movie Knocked Up (which I’ve yet to see, SHUSH IT! NO SPOILERS ALLOWED!)


Wait, I can make a metaphor happen, yes I can:

See, LeBron’s situation is like knocking up a random chick (the random chick being the Cavs, getting them into the pregnacy that is the Finals). It’s a 7 Game mud wrestle, not unlike the 9 months of rearing a child. You’re happy to be there, for what greater joy is there? But you have to look at all the factors: how good of a parent you’ll be; can you raise the child; cost factors etc.

For the Cavs, those are: figuring out how to match up the Spurs; dealing with the applied media attention that’s now 10 fold. And throughout it all, Bron’s gotta be supportive even in harsh and painful times (like perhaps going down 0-2)

However he endures this, he must see it through, there’s no bailing now.

(NOTE: yeah, this would definitely not have worked if James’ gf isn’t really preggers… and the irony isn’t lost on me that he said he’d miss the birth of his 2nd child…)


Blog Show Remix! The YouTube clip is here


  1. The Cavs matchup against the Spurs better than any other team in the Western Conference. It’s like this: Lebron has no pressure of being a new father in your analogy here. (There’s no pressure on the Cavs, they’re on the road and their leader is 22 yrs old) No pressure because he can afford this child. (He can afford to make mistakes because the Cavs aren’t supposed to win) Sure, he’s happy to be there, (just like having a child) but he still will take care of business (he will support the new child, do his best to raise the child correctly) Just like he’ll do in this series.

    He will support, raise, nurture, feed, etc these Cavs and bring home a championship.


  2. Hah dude, you totally ownz it! I should steal borrow that and straight up post it…

  3. Limpshiznit

    I DISAGREE!! He BETTER, and as a dad, I mean BETTER be there for the birth of a child. You really want that clip played back and remixed to hell and back when the child is old enough that sorry daddy loves his team-mates more???? AND Bronny IF you do such stupid shit, she will OWN YOU!! She has the velvet pouch, she has the kids, she makes the rules- get it? got it? good! Just do a DFish and fly back for the game if you can.

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