Predictions Prediction PREDICTIONS! And Open Thread

I’m Scott Pollard. I don’t know why I’m
here either
Friends, family, squirrels. Today is finally the day of Game 1. It was longer than waiting for the Olsen twins to turn legal. Anyhow, I’ve done my part below with my essential breakdown of everything you needed to know about the two teams involved. The only thing is saying how it’ll pan out.

I’m going with Spurs in 6. But I just want this series to be as long as possible — rain delay, hunger strike, whatever … because after this, I don’t know anything about anything until November.

For an entertaining and fantasic time, please with all your mighty hearts, listen to THE NBA PODCAST from The Basketball Jones making ha-ha fun times with Sports Illustrated’s Kelly “this is BOGUS!” “with CLUBSAUCE” Dwyer. Near the end, NBA Bloggers made their picks (one of whom you shall fall in love when you hear the call… Hint: it’s me. You will fall in love with me. I don’t care if you’re a guy either)

Other note worthy hits:


  1. Dude, I agree with you. The summer is awful with all that baseball – boring! It’s sad when I get so excited to see the NBA draft. I pick the Spurs in 5. The Cavs won’t be able to hang with the Spurs.

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