David Stern’s Rules Are Perfect

As you might remember, some time ago, in the year 1678, there was a little incident involving Robert Horry and Steven Nash. But that wasn’t the problem you see, it was what happened afterwards: the suspensions of Amare Stoudamire and Boris Diaw leaving the Suns short handed for Game 5.

At the time, Robert Sarver, Suns owner and all around crazy person said that he would like to bring up this rule of “never leaving the bench area if an “incident” should occur on court” and perhaps change it. Well, the time has come for Supreme Deity David Stern to meet with owners and talk. Did they tweak the rule? Haha! Only in your silly fantasies!

“We recently brought the subject up for discussion at our competition committee meetings,” Stern said before Game 1 of the finals between the Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers.

“There was no proposal to change it. Our teams are satisfied with the enforcement and generally felt that any other enforcement would have been quite questionable given the past enforcement.”

Obviously the owners feel making money is better so they didn’t blink twice about even suggesting a change. Ah well, that’s how the cookie crumbles for us fans I guess.


  1. Dave

    David Stern is an idiot.

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