Timmy D. Oh you are so good. Damn you. It there any more doubt about this man’s defense?

So I watched this game last night at a dive bar with a projector screen. Sounds fun in theory. But not if your friends decide to SIT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SCREEN. Geniuses I tells ya.

Anyway, after we sorted out Crisis At The Screen 2007 we got drunk immediately settled and watch the happenings of two grindin’ teams.

Though it was a low-scoring affair, the game was pretty smooth — not unnecessary 15 stopages in a span of 5 minutes, it flowed yo.

Deeper Analysisism:
The Spurs are straight up swarming Lebron every single time so much that I think Gregg Popovich has his players’ wives hostage in a dark undisclosed basement. Bron isn’t forcing the issue, passing to any open teammates every time — sucks they can’t score more.

Let’s be honest tho, James can’t just ram his way to the foul line every time he gets it… he might get 40pts, but his team will be cold and they’ll lose. What he’s doing here is trying to beat the Spurs by playing an overall game that can kill them with smarts.

Matchups wise: Tony Parker is torching everyone in his sights, no one can keep up with that guy. Tim is Tim, but I like what the Cavs are doing, showing double, triple teams whenever he tries to make his move (sometimes they miss the assignment or too late, and BAM! he scored). I can’t believe Drew Gooden is the Cavs game 1 highlight…

For Game 2 LBJ just has to be faster with his decisions… Game 1 he seemed to be waiting and waiting, but the Spurs want him to wait because their defense traps him to all the right places. I thought the Cavs could’ve pulled the first game upset—they were close (at halftime). I have a good feeling for the 2nd game, they’ll be a bit more sharp with their decisions on offense and hopefully a breakout dunk from the King can move things along.


  1. Dee

    We had absolutely no answer for Tony. He was driving, dishing, scoring…He was unstoppable in Game 1.

    I agree that LJ has to make his decisions quicker and not allow the defense a chance to converge. I’m sure the nerves were getting the best of him, and I think he’ll do better on Sunday.

    In addition to LJ getting going, we have to find a stop for Tony Parker. I haven’t decided yet if that should be Snow or Gibson, although I’m leaning more toward Gibson, since he’ll be an offensive threat as well.

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