Le Blog Show Numéro Douze

Psst! The title is a formality… just so people know I’m really Canadian (c’est vrai!) and not like those fake ones, yeah you Elisha Cuthbert! Why did I bring that up at all? well, the goodfellas over at Blog Show gave the site a high-five featuring the Ron Ron/SV-Gun post. Hurrahz! Washington Post’s intennetz presence is at a serious fever pitch!

I also recommend Steinz interrogation of the Stanley Cup. Don’t worry Dan, the S-Cup is always like that, what a tease.

Have a fantastic weekend you beautiful lads and lasses, be back Monday to destroy Sunday’s game. Meanwhile, time to get trampled around outside Montreal by tourists and this thing called Formula One racing (???)


  1. AnferTuto

    Hola faretaste

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