Is there any way to stop this menace? I don’t believe there is a way. Not unless we find a way to get him on tilt… like tell him Eva Longoria is only marrying him to get closer to Nicolas Sarkozy. BURN!

But back back to reality.

Toné was too fast and too nimble being able to reach anywhere he wants anytime he wants. He’s a point guard that can beat anyone that guards him off the dribble. There’s no stopping the Frenchy dude.

So it’s not indicative of the horrible defense that is the Cavaliers, no ma’am, but just how lethal the Spurs are. How do you contain all their X and Y and Z variables? Tim Duncan is the constant, you can’t stop him either way; Tony Parker gets him like that; Manu Ginobili can easily erupt for 30 (and 10 of those made by his bald spot); then you get Fabricio and Elson forming into one solid player like Voltron; you got Brent Barry; Bruce Bowen and Mike Finley spreading it wiiiiiiide open with their range; and let’s not forget the MAN that is Beno Ulrich. BEN-O!

As for the Cavs—good little run they made late in the game. Some costly turnovers stopped their momentum short as well as that monster that is Parker and they just ran outta time. Speaking of time. What’s the decision of LeBron? Should Mike Brown have keep him in the game when he got fouled up early? Since they always have a chance with LeBron in the game why not keep in him? The worst that could happen is you lose… which you have… while not playing him.

Game Two is Twosday and I have a feeling the Spurs will win that one. Just because Mike Browny is getting hustled all over the place right now and there’s no one to contain the Spurs at all their positions.

Damn, this sucks for me, now I got to go watch a movie or something.


  1. Tony is a total nemesis. What they need to do is get Snow in there to play tough man-up defense by not allowing Parker to beat him to the basket. The Cavs will recover at home and go back to S.A. up 3-2


  2. Thing is with E-Snow in there they’d lose a shooter… and as we are seeing… the Cavs. Cannot. Score.

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