Of all the series, why did this one have to be so predicable? Give us some hope, give us more than four games, c’mon, pretty please? Well, guess begging probably won’t work a darn for this Finals. It’s gonna be over on Thursday, LeSigh.

While last night’s Game 3 was much closer and saw the Cavs in an easier state of mind, defensively, with the help of the crowd, their offense just couldn’t handle the Spurs. Nothing easy… nor should it be really. That’s just the reality and level that is the Finals, this isn’t child’s play, you gotta be one hundred percent 100% of the time. Lebron and Co’ never had a real chance in this one—only imagined ones.

So perhaps, in lieu of Game 4, they should just all go out and chill somewhere… relaxing…

  1. Tunez

    Tim Duncan loves him some white women

  2. Joe

    hilarious. Probably not that far from the truth. I’m sure Larry Hughes has some $ to spend too. Why not invite him? LeBron and Larry could swing by the tat parlor beforehand and try to squeeze something else onto themselves.

  3. Whatever the case can the Cavs get a call. There’s no question that this Spurs team is terrific, but c’mon dude you’ve watched the games. The Spurs of the 2000’s are just like the Celtics of the 80’s, they get every call.

  4. Yeah, I feel ya — still though, I imagine with the way the lost (biiiiiig margins; not shooting well when wiiiiide open), not even the refs can help

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