What Will The Hotlanta Hawks New Unis Look Like?

So NBA.com’s Atlanta Hawks site has this big thing right now about the unveiling of the new uniforms coming out this weekend. It’s all very MYST-y with the way they have an itinerary of the events that’s going down.

Sunday: New logo & uniform unveiled on Hawks.com Feature story on new look in Sunday edition of AJC

Tuesday: Brand new Hawks.com launched Video: An inside look at the new Hawks uniform premieres on Hawks.com featuring Josh Smith

Thursday: NBA Draft | 7:30 p.m. ESPN Hawks Draft Party | Philips Arena

Friday: New players introduced. Complete coverage on Hawks.com

Saturday: Hawks.com sends out a virus worldwide destroying all that is the Internet

Sunday: Hawks.com is self-aware can battles SkyNet for fate of the future

Hmm, a couple of those maybe made up (psst, probably Friday’s, because Hawks getting “new” players? BWAH!)

So what will it look it like? My scientists have told me this will be what J-Smoove will be rocking in the 07-08 season! Take a look!

Oh my a definite winner! I’d buy 10 (minus 9) of those!

A Big Week For The Atlanta Hawks Just Got Bigger… [NBA.com]
UPDATE: Atlanta Hawks’ New Uniforms: It’s OK [NBA FanHouse]


  1. That’s hilarious. Do Hawks say Caw?

  2. Limpshiznit

    I would have thought it showed a bird sucking something, cuz well thats what they normally do, well the Atl Hawks normally do.

  3. They suck having a different uniform than the Bobcats too (see update above)

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