What Do Raja Bell and Rob Zombie Have in Common?

All three of them are vegans! (get it? Common… the artist… aha aha ha… ha… *slams head on table in shame for sad sad joke*)

ANYhow, via AZsportsHUB, I see that the Phoenix Suns best defender/best shaven head dude is a veggie-ian. I believe I heard of this story a while back from SteinzBogz where Dan found out that Rah Rah considers cheese off limits — but not on pizzas. (and hey, lookie who commented on that post!)

What’s MORE interesting, is the list of the SEXY VEGETARIAN CELEBRITIES found here on GoVeg.com where you can actually vote for your fav people to be all sexy while they eat their celery.

Color me surprised, not only KRS-One, KZA are on the list, but Q-Tip?? Man, GoVeg folks, way to vet the list. Oh and Salim Stoudamire is a celebrity? Maybe to Unsilent Majority, but um, I don’t think Carrie Underwood is worried about her top spot.

Ah, and why the hell not, a nice sexy pic of last year’s miss sexy vegan Ms. Kristen Bell aka girl of Hype’s dreams *(small voice) you’ll always be Veronica Mars to me (/small & creepy voice)*

Thanks Matthew for the tipzzzz!


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