The Unrelatedness’ Draft Day Haps

I almost made it… so so close. Ah well.

OK, so I think I have to at least do something for the Draft around here to at least give myself a legit reputation that I do keep track of this thing called basketball.

Here’s what I think I will do around here today (as best that I can). I shall be updating here and there (re: maybe like, only 1 update) and do whatever to be all analytical and shit.

One thing I can promise for sure (90%!) is I’ll be definitely watching the Draft and via the tubes that is internet — another classic run down with Miss Gossip is very likely to cometh.

So, stay tuned and keep your eyes wide open for today’s awesometown. Oh, ps: TBJ’s back for a second, and there’s GOATSE involved… fun times…


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