Off Topic: What’s Up With All Them Redesigns?

Totally nothing to do with sports, but if you’re a frequent browser of news sites and admirer of its designs such as I, maybe this might be interesting.

Or maybe not. It’s your life, your body, your choice.

I’ve been noticing a bunch of revamps at places like CNN, USA Today, and even AOL portals (New/WriteWeb noticed this too!) now our boi big Crown Corporation, the CBC has also gone into the new makeover phase too, check her out

It’s an okay change… maybe a bit too much scrolling, they could’ve used more of the horizontal real estate instead. But overall, it’s sleeker and cleaner, me like clean. I like the “Most Blogged” section down at the bottom…

Haha, awesome. Glad I was 1 of 25 people/blogs that help contribute to this ranking (note: kinda sad aint it though? that our CBC news getting only 25 blogs to link up…)

All this to say that I’m just curious to see so many places being tweaked almost all the same time. What, did some Internet rule come out recently and told them they had to change at the same time? Can somehow please fix up this place up so maybe one day when I’m rich I can buy it? Please? Name stealers!


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