Tuesday Haps: If Your Pizza Isn’t There in 30mins, You Get a Free Handy

So Shard to Magic. Hmm. It’s a boatload of change, but I mean, with the possibility of Grant Hill gone (or worst, staying and still not helping much) and a very young team that doesn’t have that one player that can create when needed… I don’t see why it’s not a good idea.

Sure Lewis isn’t all that and cupcake, but Orlando needs something, anything to upgrade themselves. I pronounce thee: OK signage

In other news:

Holy crap Stephon Marbury is jokes jokes jokes| SLAMonline

Awesome breakdown look at the Yi Jianlian $$ machine | GSoM

Agent Black President Zero Countdown updates his blog and he makes funny (via Gilbertology) | NBA.com

D’oh! A Deer! A fucking dead female deer | Our Book of Scrap

Dean Cain wants to show off his Kryton balla skillz | Winning the Turnover Battle

Fantasy Bballin’ – who should be #1 pick this year? I say Dick Bavetta | Give Me The Rock

In other other (weird and Canuckistan) news:

Pizza and nude pics women… that’s evolution my friends| CBC.ca

Giving birth to your half-sister? That’s one of the plots from that Wayans movie wasn’t it? | BBC.co.uk

Don’t pull this guy’s finger… just.. just don’t do it | Wired.com


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