Goodies and Linkies

The hell, another Rush Hour movie? Haven’t we exhausted the the Sino-African American stereotype jokes yet? Guess not (via Nyjer Please):

Heeeey, I see what they’re doing … looks awfully familiar to …

I think the industry calls that an ho-mage. Word.

— Other video madness fun over at You Been Blinded with Legos. Man I wish I was still a toddler.

Ballhype interviewing Basketball-Reference … that’s like my clock intervieing my phone (horrible, horrible analogy) in that both spots are crazy smart and can do some serious damage with a TI-89 Texas Instrument son!

— and hey, since the man Jason Gurney at Ballhype (and his lovely wife Erin) has been the greatest to me, check out his story in an interview by Bugs & Cranks (I got smarter just by reading it! true story!)

— I can unbiased-ly say the Blowtorch‘s vunderbar cariatures > all of these crabby little donuts combined (*sniff…tears…*)


  1. Yeah, but if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have even thought about MS Painting the whole first round. Just wait for the shirt.

  2. oh my! gotta love the InnerNEtz and the circular inspirations, blog-five!

  3. blog-ten to you boths!!!!

  4. I like your blog on caricatures. If you like US President art for another idea, please check out my blog at:

    Thank you!

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