kevindurant.jpgSo it’s Friday and everyone is partying their ears off probably. Me, I’m going to go to dim sum with a couple pals and then … that’s about it … um, I might go crazy and binge on raspberries… yeah, raspberries, what up.

But all is not lost, somehow, the lords over at decided to bless us with live broadcast of all the Summer League games. Tonight has a couple good looking games, Seattle plays at 6pm and Portland goes up at 10pm where we can see some Durant and Oden action. So perhaps I might update here and there with some thoughts on the games as it happens (or not, I might have raspberries overdose)

So if you’re also like me, renouncing Friday nightlife, shout off in the comments here during or after the games with uh.. comments. Everyone else: have a nice weekend, try not to stab any hoboes.

Vegas Summer League Schedule []


  1. I’ll stab hobo(e?)s if I want.

  2. Yo, is clubbing hobos fair game?


  3. goathair: don’t say I didn’t warn you when the Hobo Revolution comes…

    Seth: clubbing is actually the humane alternative; encouraged even! eat cow turd, what is this loony-bin blackout of my residence??!

    This live webcast is not available in your area.

    Please check your local tv listings for broadcast info on this game.


  4. BestSportsStuff

    Haha, Nice pic of Durant.

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