Monday Thumbtacks: Alllllviiiiin!

I’m so fickle with this linking feature name that I should really just call this: URLs, WHAT! and be done with the schizophrenia. Anyways, after a weekend of doing something I can’t totally remember, some links for your amusement (as well as mine, since I effin’ found them!):

— I helped out with a post about something he he he that happened between FanHouse and the other day … let’s just say that now, it should be obvious that it’s a bit beyond blogging etiquette and more like “duh, rules!” | FanHouse

— over at Ballhype, where I’m also helping out (call 1-800-TheHype-Random-Help, it’s only $10 million a minute!) we’re voting for best film appearances by athletes yo. Get your thespians on | Ballhype

— the Rockets will be a force next yearsigh, how many times have we said that now, the last 4 years? | Clutch 3

— man, over the weekend while playing pickup, this guy totally killed Kevin Garnett by saying the Wolfs are so horrible because of him and him alone. Surely, I said, this guy called Kevin McHale has some hand in a terrible team right? No way, KG is a loser, not a winner, replies pickup guy. Then I spent the next 10 mins crying and questioning my faith in the Ticket… ALL THAT TO SAY, he could be still traded, and some possibilities here | Wolves Watch

— Yo that dunk on Yi was so Gay! um… a little offensive..? Okay, I’m sorry… | FanIQ

No. 1 and 2 picks in what? Sucktown? (High-fives my dork-self!) | SoSM

Kwame Brown: A Walking Punchline | You Been Blinded

— WTF, they’re literally remaking all my childhood tv shows into movies?? |

— Holy crap, OCTO-SQUID! First thought: wonder if it tastes awesome fried? What? | Laughing Squid


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