I might’ve hinted something in the earlier link ups a post below. But I think it’s a good discussion platform for another post here (yo yo, I just used “discussion-platform”, what’s next? using the term “discourse”??)

ANYhow, thanks to the chest pass from iheartkg, here be a lovely quote from Kevin Garnett’s dude friend Rshard McCants that just kills me:

[…] But we talked about it a couple of times, scenarios and places. There’s no other place he wants to be. When you’re a king in your own kingdom, why would you want to go somewhere else?” […]

Okay, so we have to keep in sound mind that it ‘s R-Mac just saying his side of things, we really don’t know the real KG’s realest thoughts. But I can’t say I’m not a wee bit down on that enlightenment. Like I mentioned in the other post, this guy at a pickup game really tore Garnett up—to the point that I was sensing if Ticket retired today, he wouldn’t even care. But… but… it’s Kevin Garnett!

This guy’s basic premise is that Kevin doesn’t deserve all the pity because he the onus is on him to get his team wins (which he has not.) To which I replied, “hey, meanie! stop being a jerkwad!” … after considerable laughter and ridicule, I also included “but the past few years no credible help was there for him.”

But now, I dunno, when KG’s going all “King of the castle, king of the castle, I have a chair!” and not doing something, anything on getting himself into a winning situation… it just makes me go ugggh, and thinks that he doesn’t really have it as bad it he does, y’know?


  1. If he grew back his flat-top, everything would be better.

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