Dwyane Wade Will Take His Sweet Time

Oy, two posts in one day about the Miami Heat? Ugh. Oh well, we have to toughen up for this shit.

So mister D-Wade isn’t going to be back on time for training camp because the doctor has some words of sage advice:

“I’m a fast healer, but my doctor really wants to make sure I’m well and I’m healthy and we don’t have to go through this process again,” Wade said. “He’d rather for me not to rush back to get in training camp and maybe aggravate something early in the season.”

Dude plays hard every night so I don’t blame the Doctor to keep an eye on things. I guess there really isn’t a point to this post other than to photoshop Wade in Doctor Who because there’s a doctor involved in the story. And also because Doctor Who is magnificent… and also because I’m a nerd.

Wade says injury rehab going according to plan, but may not be ready by training camp [Yahoo¿]


  1. Tiffany

    I’m from Dallas so I’m DEF. not a fan of Mr.wade or his Lil team…but nice pic! lol

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