Things to read as you try and keep up with Jack and Meg in the wild land that is Halifax…

Photorealism Will Set You Free

Newest NBA Carnival is 非常に優秀, well done With Malice!

Blog Show has a little change up this week… ha ha ha

— No one cares other than Canadians (and maybe a couple Brits), but Conrad Black is goneth yo (now that’s how a “media baron” should look— corrupt and full of power-lust!)

— Eesh… Church giving back guilt money… just icky

— Maybe they can combine this new show with Shaq’s show? Scare the living fat outta them!

— Well, looks like FanHouse has one spot that’s vying to compete, in terms of sheer bloggers at least

Obama is a pimp, well, maybe some context will help (songs/lyrics aren’t that great, buuuut… hey ladies… I’m running for uh… um… librarian, holla at your boi!)

— and last but not least, Sam Rubenstein wants you to know that he’s Watching you … omg lookbehindyou!!!


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