Emmy Nominations For Da NBA

Talk about snubbery! No The Wire anywhere? Friday Night Lights got a couple nods, but nothing to do with the actors, story, or the overall show. Blasted Hollywooders! (mini-update: Dick in a Box got nominated, AHAHAHA, yes!)

As I’ve been doing this for about 365+ days or so, I must haphazardly turn this otherwise unrelated event around to include the precious NBA.

Outstanding Drama Series:
-Kobe Bryant & Lakers Mgmt.
-Mark Cuban and Don Nelson
-David Stern and “rules”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series:
-Gilbert Arenas; Washington Wizards, blogger
-Stephon Marbury; New York Knicks, blogger, tv show, philanthropist, going-insane-person
-the entire Eastern Conference; making us believe there was a point in the 06-07 season

Outstanding Choreography:
-Shaq, Dwight and LeBron; All Star Practice goof-off
-Charles Barkley and Dick Bavetta; THE KISS
-Golden State Warriors Girls; behind the scenes practice (actually that segment was pretty fucking funny, kudos Sports Action Team!)


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