WotS: USA Basketball? Anyone? Bueller?

So while this Tim Douchebagnaghy news is all over the place like Britney Spears’ cellulite, some of us REAL basketball fans still love the game. Word on the Streetz asks if anyone else remember that Team USA thing:

Richard Yang
Boat Captain
“Team USA? That’s the myth
we were told when we were kids
right? Haha yeah, sure, I’ll bet
that they win just as soon as
pigs can fly an F17.


Emily Veere
Part-Time Superhero
“Oh sure, I love seeing how
some guy from Greece can hit
13 threes EVEN THOUGH
God that’s fucking annoying.”

Lil’ Kim
Book publisher
“I think they’re being smart
this year: having more than
one token white guy out there
I mean– the other teams
just might confuse them with
their own players!”


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