Your Unrelatedness Laughing Matter of the Day

Zach Galifianakis is just totally awesome. (psst: it’s an inspired send off for Kanye West’s Can’t Tell Me Nothin. This is just as, if not better than, Alanis Morrisett’s version of My Humps—incredible)

In otter news:

Finally a Christmas where we won’t have 10 000 cameras on Shaq and Kobe just as they shake hands. On one hand, yay! On the other, while it’s LeBron vs. Wade… it’s still the painfully unwatchable Cavs. I’d call this a wash.


  1. KD

    He really is about as good as it gets. Someday he’s going to be so bitter and angry that he won’t be worth our time, but he’s about as distinctive as comedic voices come at this point.

    All I really wanted to do was point out that Zach’s buddy sort of looks like Chuck E. Weiss.

  2. KD

    Four minutes of searchin’ reveals that the buddy is Prince Billy. Shows how hip I am.

    I am not hip. I love OV Wright, though.

  3. The mind of KD … someone should totally make a movie outta that!

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