This Week Should Be Happy Time

Well huff, last couple of weeks were a dud in the wide word of sports. What? You haven’t heard? It’s like this: MLB and Mr. Barry Bonds breaking the all time record with allegations of doping… Tour de France and cyclists with allegations of doping… WWE and its wrestlers with allegations of doping… NBA ref Tim Donaghy with allegations of doping… wait… that last one might not be true. Anyways, here’s to things adjusting back to the betterment of mankind (you can’t see, but I’m holding up my arms waiting for a high five… don’t leave me hanging dudes!)

— Shirtless white guys. Check. Typical rap music. Check. Looking like a bunch of idiots. Check and check.

Slap my bitch up

Wizznutzz haves you new FUnny shritzzz!!!!!!

— Over at the ALL NEW! Mr. Irrelevant (with 120000% more man!) lastest ep of Blog Show

— It might not be a stretch that the drunk astronaut was a Simpsons fan. Who the eff isn’t eh?


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