WotS: Tell All Books

Charles Oakley is supposed to put out a book with the usual “TELL ALL” keyword that gives book agents boners. So, with that said, from whom else would a tell-all book be appropriate? Word on the Streetz surveys:

Kelly Burns
“I’d like to read a book
by Kobayashi. You just
know there’s bound
to be at least one story
of him going down on

Lord Richard Featherbottom
“Heave ho! What’s this scocery?
How did I get trapped in this white
box?!? Release me I say!”

Charles Barkley
Former NBA player/fat guy
“There’s only one book y’all need
to read, and it’s mine! If you don’t
read it, I’ll eat you all!”

  1. Kelly Burns, are you a real person or did they just create you to titillate people?

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