[Phone rings]

Danny Ainge: yeeeeello? Double Dose of Danny Ainge at your service!
Kevin McHale: It’s… it’s me… K-Dawg
Danny Ainge: K-man! How’s it hanging? Doing good? Did you see the Simpsons movie??
McHale: Yeah! It was pretty awesome! Didn’t you love the part where— hold up… there was something I called you for…
Ainge: You need to borrow money?
McHale: No.. that wasn’t it…
Ainge: …need to borrow cocaine?
McHale: hmm, might’ve been it, but I don’t think so..
Ainge: oh, maybe you wanted to borrow my hooker?
McHale: hahaha no you silly, she’s already at my place, don’t you remember?
Ainge: hah, oh my, yes.
McHale: Well, whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not important. Glad we talked bra
Ainge: Anytime chum!



  1. totally unrealistic. like Ainge would call him “chum.”

  2. The Atlantic will be a dog fight till the end. I think KG might be the best PF in the East. This is coming from a Raptors fan.

  3. Ainge will call back to borrow players!!positive!

  4. onealgordon

    good move Celts but the heat/pistons will be tough to overcome Heat when healthy is the best team in the east

  5. NO

    Why does Kevin Mchale still have a job and exactly how does two ball hogs and a guy that can’t show up when it matters does an NBA champion make?

    Brian Scalabrine is the best bench player and that is not even a joke.

    You know what I love about this. When the rumor of this trade happening first came out NO one wanted Jefferson gone. Now that the trade has happened everyone loves it.?

    Doc Rivers said in an interview that everyone came up to him on the street before this trade saying that they were glad the trade DID NOT HAPPEN. Now all of a sudden everyone loves the trade?

    Doc Rivers is either a liar of somehting is really not right in Boston


    (not my site)


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