NBA Players Dating Etiquette

It’s like this, fool me once, shame on you, fool me — you can’t get fooled again. Also, in another universe, a white ex-Duke player (oxymoron..) and a reality show person are somehow “relevant” (perhaps I’m making it worse by dabbing into it as well, HOWEVA, it led me to combine the two to make a post)

You see, far too often in the lives of obscure NBA players are they succumbed to fates unkind to their personal relationships with members of the opposite sex. Here at the Unrelatedness, I’ll provide some key pointers for those that have no “charm” or aren’t “smooth” when it comes to the seedy world of dating…

On Dating Women in the Media…
DON’T go out with beat reporters, for you’ll be subjected to the following question:
“how did you feel about your performance?”
“was it something I did to disrupt your confidence or it just wasn’t your night?”
“what will you do in the second half to break the defense a little more”

DO go out with these “journalists/anchorwomen” (mini-NSFW!)

On Dating Women in the public office…
DON’T go out with this lady that says she’s crazier than Lorena Bobbitt
DO go out with Madeline Albright, HOTTT!

On Dating Women that looks like a hooker but really isn’t…
DON’T do it, she’s a cop
DO…… NOT DO IT ANDRAY! Big mistake!

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  2. i love tony douglas …….in love with him … pls hook me up

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  4. tanisha

    I am looking for single nba players that are young and good looking and into a real young lady with class hook a sista up if dwayne wade wasent single he would be all mine 🙂 1 luv !

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