yao.jpgI loooove basketball, love it. What is the obvious thing to do for
someone in my position? Focus on getting a degree in university??
…Nah man! It’s to frikkin blog about it. Stay tuned to see my limited photoshoping skillz at doodling anything related to the basketball.


Real name is Howie and “TheHype” is just a handle for el blog purposes (HYP are my initials). Hit me up at [thehypeguy [@] gmail.com]
or drop some comments 🙂

Le Blogue

NBA Basketball & Other Unrelatedness.. Um.. yeah, it’s is huge ass name huh? Forgiveness please!

There is a cure: [THEHYPEGUY.COM] is the actual domain, so that’s shortererer. So if you ever feel like linking here you can name it that.. or “The Hype”.. or “the long ass title”, whichever you please, it’s all good with moi 🙂

And just in case: I’m NOT affiliated with the National Basketball Association. Just simply a crazed fan!

For your viewing pleasure: Please use the almighty Firefox browser (trust!) … I gave up on Internet Explorer when I was in my mother’s womb


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