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新年快樂! Y’all

Yeah, around here is mainly basketball content, but just today, I felt like spreading the tiniest of culture for the rest of the blog world (even though I’m pretty much as non-cultured as one goes…)

So when you’re watching the All-Star game tonight, remember what it truly means, in the Chinese culture okay? But don’t just do it for me, do it for….David Stern’s plight for an NBA franchise in China.. *snif*

Oh and it’s the Year of the Pig, so I expect a Bacon shirt in the mail Wizznutzz!!

I’ll try not to get too drunk off rice beer by the 11:42min mark of the 1st quarter tonight…

Lightning Quick Thoughts on Last Night’s “events”:
— I so called Barkley winning.. I can’t cite it right now, but I swear I called it (it was around the same time I saw a pixie riding a unicorn!) but it was PRICLESS! and a KISS! Tim Hardaway better have not watched this!!
— Number of Eva Longoria name drop from Kevin Harlan and/or camera shot = my count was at 94 trillion (give or take 3..)
— Dunkfest: By far the the most creative we’ve seen in the past few years. These kids have imagination! I was pleased. But can’t believe they gipped Dwight Howard on his Sticker Dunk—what was crazy on so many levels and one of which is that it was fucking hilarious (and I love jokes!), I’m so sure he had a ton more flip-da-script type creativitisms..ah well… because… GERALD GREEN–insane, why can’t his nickname be ‘grasshoper’. C’mon, “green” eh? eh?? ah.
— For those keeping score at home, I’m 3 for 6 so far with All Star festivity predictions… that was useless info

What did you think about last night’s stuff? (as well as overall, and about Britney’s topping the latest A-train to coo-coo town of things that happen in a 1 and half week span? oh and elections of ’08?)

ps: HypeShirts are getting serious pub (thanks again Steinz! I’m not kidding about adding you to the tags, look up! hehe), check out the Updates here, thanks again guys! From it’s humble beginnings, I think this has become something totally awesome in ways that my nimble brain cannot ever truly comprehend

Prediction for All Star Game 07: