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You know, I’m not too sure about this ‘tanking’ business in the NBA. 1) Because I never worked in the NBA and 2) ‘tanking’ as an expression, seems… so… I dunno, 1992. Nevertheless, this enigma apparently exists in the NBA—the art of losing.

(As a side note, if the goal of a franchise is to lose on purpose, and if they succeed in doing so, then they must be winners right? Or do we need to smoke up some more?)

This year, like any other year, the usual suspects fine tuned their heavy duty tank engines down the stretch. Exhibit C-9, Subsection 12: the Boston Celtics. Ziller Time noted on la Hause that the Cees were actively engaging in the Nation of Tank, praise be with upon Lottery Balls. And in case you want some more investigativism, Wages of Win via TrueHoop, used a calculator or something gave us numbers to back all that shit up. So congrats Doc Rivers, you earned this one—go and grab yourself that cherry soda you rightly deserve champ.

Sooooo, what do I really have to contribute to all this? TEE-SHIRTS! YAAAAAAY!


Check ’em out friends, you got your Boston colorway, Knicks orange & blue, sorta Portland-y reds/black and Memphis baby blues (I pretty much gave up figuring what colors they actually wear… what the hell is that?)

They hot cuz they fly!

So go and support your local tank artists ya heard, it might appear on the Vatican-Approved BLOG SHOW and you’ll be all like, “woah, shirt, tv, me, wear, same? cool!” [Gear of Clothing]


Housekeeping: my internet service providers are like the German National Curling Team: LOSERS! They think I’m Morpheus so they shut off my intertube access due to “spam”… haters. I’m currently stealing wi-fi from my neighbors (hi!!) but it’s slower than Antoine Walker. Hopefully I get things straightened out by the end of the week.

So I thought I could’ve held out for another couple of days seeing that my blogging brain was taking a breather with studyin/papers and whatnot (ESPECIALLY the whatnot) but I succumbed to the inevitable holler of ye NBA bloggin (AT 4AM TOO!!).

So hells yeah, I’m the latest recruit into the Legion of NBA FanHaus Bloggers/CrimeFighters where I’ll hopefully, finally, learn the goodness that is spellcheck—oh, that and actually posting things that reaches (by my estimations) at least 9 other people that likes ‘toons.

That’s the biggie thing of the day/week, hopefully y’all come by and check out my shnits over there. But don’t worry happy campers, The Unrelatedess ain’t going nowhere (that’s a fact, I specifically signed a document with this fella called Lucifer) because damnit I paid for the domain name so I’ll get my money’s worth!

Alright, so, we all saw it by now. I’m not going to link to it because, well, I’m sure it’s pretty much the most seen thing for the past day. First off, I hope Shaun Livingston makes the best of recoveries and secondly wish that no one else ever goes through that. But well, we see a common denominator of late… one that I linked to the other day (Jake helped me connect the dots)… so Gatorade? Let’s just pull those ads out of the running for a while shall we?

And finally, because I got my NerdTee (yay!) I felt to need to answer a primal call from something, somewhere asking me to break out some new shirts… (please Jared don’t sue! 🙂 )

Hopefully the Bog’s devout DC followers finds these acceptable. I do wish the’d wear it and go to a local Subways, all at once just to see what their reactions would be like.

Don’t do it for me… do it for… the fresh tomatoes!!

eat THIS jared!

they better wear this on BogTVOther assortments of random shirts are updated here and visit store here.

damn, I know the title wasn’t original as it is.. then I realize Deadspin used it already.. damnit Will! You know my skill for witty titles only come every other Wednesday!

Is anybody traded yet? Anybody? Bueller?

On to the Tacks!

I’m guessing some of the following have already been linked up all over the webs, but the entires are still amazingly good that it would a crime, against humanity and cute puppies all over the world, if I didn’t put it up here as well.

Check it:

  • George Takei: character actor, Sci-fi icon, and now, Tim Hardaway’s fuck buddy newest lover
  • …which totally makes sense now that you think about it. No wonder he never auditioned for “Young Wet Bitches”
  • Here are my answers to The Feed’s “30 Questions” in totally scrambled order: No, “I dunno”, no, no, no, no, no, yes, no, no, no, “just because”, no, no, “both”, yes, no, yes, yes, yes, no, “six”, “pass”, no, no, yes, yes, “who cares”, no, yes. Piece it together and win a prize! (You’ll get the prize, once you can guess what it is! hint: it’s nothing!)
  • STEINZ! Owned! Burn! [expletive regarding Sam Smith!] And aww.. Dan loses the fedora.. I quite liked it (…*voodoo mind trick: send it to me…*) oh, and I cannot wait for BogTV with the ever luminous co-host Jamie Mottram, take that Magic Hour! Update: Interview With A BOGpire (horrible..horrible joke..)
  • Oh yea, I guess I should talk about trades… umm.. yea.. let’s see.. it’s 11:30am now.. and nothing’s happening… crap. I might as well offer my couch to the Clippers to see if I can acquire Maggette myself and start my own franchise. So anyway, nothing’s happening and I’ll be out til after the deadline this afternoon.. pssh NBA, so inconsiderate of MY life schedules..

To conclude, here’s Sheriff Dangle and the gang at a Sixers game… ehh, wun’t their best effort, but I still loves me my Reno 911

EDIT: Many never-ending thanks to Gilbertology for being all over this:

The Getty Images photographer Brent Stirton should have his salary increased just for this! Speaking of which, yo Getty! Hook up those piks w/o them watermarks son! How about it? (I’ll even pay you with my empty ink catridges!)

anyways, this wonderful saga continues… (and no, I will never ever evver be tired of this.. if you are.. apologies.. but c’mon! it’s still cool as ever! join my fun times!)

新年快樂! Y’all

Yeah, around here is mainly basketball content, but just today, I felt like spreading the tiniest of culture for the rest of the blog world (even though I’m pretty much as non-cultured as one goes…)

So when you’re watching the All-Star game tonight, remember what it truly means, in the Chinese culture okay? But don’t just do it for me, do it for….David Stern’s plight for an NBA franchise in China.. *snif*

Oh and it’s the Year of the Pig, so I expect a Bacon shirt in the mail Wizznutzz!!

I’ll try not to get too drunk off rice beer by the 11:42min mark of the 1st quarter tonight…

Lightning Quick Thoughts on Last Night’s “events”:
— I so called Barkley winning.. I can’t cite it right now, but I swear I called it (it was around the same time I saw a pixie riding a unicorn!) but it was PRICLESS! and a KISS! Tim Hardaway better have not watched this!!
— Number of Eva Longoria name drop from Kevin Harlan and/or camera shot = my count was at 94 trillion (give or take 3..)
— Dunkfest: By far the the most creative we’ve seen in the past few years. These kids have imagination! I was pleased. But can’t believe they gipped Dwight Howard on his Sticker Dunk—what was crazy on so many levels and one of which is that it was fucking hilarious (and I love jokes!), I’m so sure he had a ton more flip-da-script type creativitisms..ah well… because… GERALD GREEN–insane, why can’t his nickname be ‘grasshoper’. C’mon, “green” eh? eh?? ah.
— For those keeping score at home, I’m 3 for 6 so far with All Star festivity predictions… that was useless info

What did you think about last night’s stuff? (as well as overall, and about Britney’s topping the latest A-train to coo-coo town of things that happen in a 1 and half week span? oh and elections of ’08?)

ps: HypeShirts are getting serious pub (thanks again Steinz! I’m not kidding about adding you to the tags, look up! hehe), check out the Updates here, thanks again guys! From it’s humble beginnings, I think this has become something totally awesome in ways that my nimble brain cannot ever truly comprehend

Prediction for All Star Game 07:

…if only I remember what it is…hmm…eh, it’s probably nothing. I’ll just go ahead and spend the entire weekend doing my long awaited 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle without worry that there’s something going on. Yup.

Onto the Thumbtacks Batman!:

  • Didn’t want to start with some uglyness, but it’s pretty
    much the craziest fucking thing I’ve heard this morning/last night: Tim Hardaway Doesn’t Care About Gay People. MJD over at FanHaus has a nice couple of followups as well. tinyEdit: NBX always brings the h-a-h-A-game with a lil’ remix (but there’s no Lauren…snif.. that’s like something without something else) tinyEDITx2 here’s the video-style (thanks Justin!):

[livevideo id=D78C5028215C42F6BCADEA12BBCF4836]

  • Couldn’t you just imagine Timmy in the movie Borat with the way he outwardly said those things?sigh.. Here’re things that helps restore my faith in humanity:
  • is a fine site that’s looking for more people
    to participate in discussions of.. well, drills. So go on over and start spilling your secret suicide drills! And how do I know it’s a good site? Because it’s muuuch better than, those guys were fucking morons
  • blog world fav S-to-the-E-C-K-to-the-BACH gives us the downlo on the what what, the 411, the speeddial, the–okay I’ll stop–on: Valentine’s Day (well, yesterday..)
  • Jason Gurney wants YOU to enlist!…. in a beta thingy, (yo, I promise it’s friggin’ awesome, so ‘hop’ on it! [side note: yes, that’s a dig J, heh, my lawyers say I can win BIG!)]

And for all those Vegas bound peeps, THIS is what you’re missing, here in The MT-L:

from spcbrass because my camera sucks

Yeah, that’s right, snow, lots of it! Eat that.

This is going to be like the 4th straight post I’ve at least mentioned Memo Okur, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In lieu of yesterday’s announcement of his All-Star joinage, and after thinking long and hard about this: I’m starting an MVP campaign for Okur… surely Boozer deserves more consideration, but eff-that, I’m not going by that logic. Check it—

And if you want to join this campaign of epic proportions, please show it off to the world by wearing it all over your bodies over at the new Hype Store: Gears of Clothing

Here are a few examples, but there are a ton of other colors to select from. Be sure to check back from time to time up on the new tab next to the Toons called “!Shirts!” to see new ish!

I’m also happy to spotlight a new shirt that a certain someone has been bugging kindly helping me out with a special request (kinda Need4Sheed-esque, but I totally didn’t intend for that to happen, love Natalie’s stuff though!):

Also, not very NBA related, but because this is pretty much me most of the time:

There are also two designs transferred from the old CafePress store that some of you may remember as well. Don’t worry, that ol’ CafePress baby of a store will be up forever, if anything, to commemorate one of the bigger events of this blog (yes yes, you’ve all seen it a lot by now… sorry! I’m working on making a shirt and getting it to Chaka Khan soon!)

So yeah, go check out the some of the new stock over at The GoC!




Bog Man: You deserve all the fedoras of the world! This truly made my day—nay—YEAR.

Gilbert Arenas: Your smile literally re-stored the power in the abandoned warehouse that I am using to type this.

Internet: thank you as well, you sly dog.

I don’t think I can post anything of substance for quite some time (re: ehh..I’ll probably post the usual Thursday Thumbtacks tonight…post-squeeing)

For the not-so-inside joke: the journey, and then, go and cop one for yourselves! Or, go to the new store and get a couple more types of tees

UPDATE – HypeShirts Is Going Worldwide!

TWO incredible haps: We have our newest model for the shirts! (Gil, you still #1 tho!) Thanks again Reese!sacbeeshoutout.jpg

Second: SAC-BEE (bzzzzz!) writer Sam Amick inadvertently talks about the blog shirts!!
(scroll down, 5th paragraph up from bottom or click here

Thanks Sam, and I’m calling my makeup artist as I type so when you interview me I’ll be ready!arenaslink2.jpg

And since we’re linking things left and right about references, this was probably the best linkage ever, since back then everything was still new and jokery (now, it’s jokes x10!) —Gilbert’s blog for the first time talks about the shirts

And now he’s REALLY modeling it! Thanks again Gilbertology!

Sure that last post, when read out loud, would make one say.. “waaaah???” So to make it up, I’ve devised an evil evil plan: make shirts outta ’em. I did a new lil’ remixin’ on it and hope some of you might enjoy it enough to cop one (or several…pleeease be several, my tuna sandwich fund is low dawg!)

On the above left is an “organic cotton” tee.. I wonder if that means organs were used to make it (probably not). And of course there’s a lady’s version on the right!



More KG!

Or enjoy other odd things of this nature.


Your ’06 garments getting you down? Are you unsatisfied with the lack of NBA off-kilter references in the designs? Why not just incinerate those sad excuses of “clothing” and ride these new ish for ’07?

You’ve got your essentialz: future prez and vprez support tees and your hard rock TNT analysis-es (available in more than 1 colour, yes!)!!

Buy one buy all!


Alright, as of press time, Gil-man is leading his Wizards 31-23 over the puny Dallas Mavericks with 9pts on a hawwwwt hot 4 of 6 shooting! (Lucifer gets burned on numbers like that!)

I’m watching the game as carefully as I can to see if Arenas does indeed spit fire on those that defy his Zeroness.

Oh, okok, I swear I’ll calm down on these Gilbert Arenas manic trips.. I know, one more post like this, the UnrelatednessShelter may as well be considered a one team only site.

And hello? what’s this..? new merch…? why yes… please.. click if you must…