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Ah the majestic BEARD has been robbed a quarter of game action last night. Though, the way I saw things, if the Warriors hadn’t been complaining so much in almost all the action, perhaps the refs wouldn’t have pulled that quick of a trigger? We shall never know.

Then again, some of the calls seemed iffy, but that can’t be changed — with two teams hungry: Mavericks because they just got bitch slapped in Game 1 and need to smack back their pimp hand and Golden State because they are greedy bastards in trying to steal another game.


De-3 VS. Orlando Bloom: Dwight will posterize someone tonight — it might even be Flip Saunders.

Rox VS. Mormons: 3-0 man, it’s so happening. Why? Because the tears of Andrei will make the Jazz players slip all over the place. YEAH I SAID IT

Suns VS. ChokeShow: Well, can’t really call them Chokers… since they’ve got no talent to begin with, I guess I’m just referring to the fact that they couldn’t even attempt to make it close — ahhhh who am I kidding, the Lakers plain suck. The Association really wants to punch somebody.

Hi, Chef Tony here. Are you tired of ovens that only give you half the NBA Blog Posts? Are sick to your stomach knowing your kitchen knives aren’t as sharp with their Home/Away Win % analysis? Well boy are you in for a treat today. Have your credit cards ready because you’re about to be…

Welcome everybody to today’s 42nd Carnival of the NBA, or Forty-Deuce as the kidz say, where we feature The Lean Cook Grill/Drill/Knife Machine NBA blog posts around the hoops blogopherum from the past couple of weeks. Here joining Chef Tony is NBA Basketball and Other Unrelatedness’ own: The Hype!

ChefTony: So, do you want to see something special?
TheHype: Gee golly, do I!
CT: Let me ask you something: don’t you wish your Scoops can deliver more NBA commentary? Deliver more–what we in the industry call, “oomf”?
TH: HELL YEAH! I dream about it every.single.night!
CT: Well everyone tuning in is in luck, take out that extra mortgage because today we unveil the Scooper-9000! Show ’em just how much OOMF! this handy tool gives them!
TH: You got it big T.!

With just a press of a hidden button, the Scooper-9000 will instantly spark group discussions:

—The suave Pradamaster over at BulletsForever decided that fellow team bloggers should be analysts the only way they know how: by aggressively typing it out in an e-Roundtable discussion

not enough? here’s ClipsNation fantasizing what’d it be like to be in David Stern’s pants.. uh.. ‘wearing’ his pants.. (stop saying pants!)

—What’s that? There should be even more discussions? Sure thing boss: Ryan from and Natalie from Need4Sheed chatted with D.V. about (DOTCOM) current NBA issues

But wait! there’s more! the Scooper takes things to the NEXT Level:

—Speaking of N4S, in an effort to make the universe implode, they’re joined by Deeeeeee-Troit-BAD-BOYS to have their respective fanbases meet up at a Pistons game next month (I hear a dance-off with glow sticks is involved)

—then again, for Golden State of Mind, isn’t that like, a typical Tuesday for their Bay Area Army, The B.A.A.?

—over at The Nugg Doctor, Nick the Doc is slowly becoming.. one of them.. by going to his first Nuggets practice session. And we’re all looking forward to seeing him excel because we seriously need to know just how round George Karl is (okay, I want to know..)

DC Sports Bog: When not keeping us on tap about Mister50 and theWizz (or HAVING A BabeeSteinz-Bog! Congrats! I’m sure it’s the best baby of them all!), Steinz is going to star on his own actual TV show and featuring local bloggers! (um.. I’m considered ‘local’ right..? D.C. .. Montreal.. same thing..?) and Mister Irrelevent is also joining, possibly to usurp and dethrone The Bog.. but that’s just me speculating and causing unnecessary reckus

—the best just got bester: FreeDarko and the addition of Chauney Billups, it’s a wrap! (rap?)

TrueHoop upgraded bandwidth.. or something.. not too sure, but I’m guessin it’s something minor like that…

Order now, and you’ll get a complementary nail clipper worth exactly $3.00!

—but we’ll need more than 3 dollars to repair a devastating injury: contributor Jeff over at ClipperBlog goes over some medical intricacies to better understand what Shaun Livingston went through

—hoops historian Nate Jones wrote an incredible entry in response to all the negative backlash of the ASG from the media, a must read

—when not coining the nickname Mittens for a certain center, Your New York Knicks uncovers the opponents’ secretive double lives

—speaking of Curry, Basketbawful believes he is already better than Shaq

—…but EotB’s Chris Clarke (slick head shot!) warns us of the Ides of March aka Shaq’s ability to turn “it” up

—before turning anything else up though, Crazy from the Heat fills us in on the entire Heat and their crrruauuzy White House adventures (note: not at all crazy, I was blatantly embelishing)

Red’s Army explains why we must stop buying things that aren’t working

—on the other than, some things are working out says LOY’s Place

—season’s end is closing, so 3manlift gives their MVP look (interesting choice!) but Bright Side of the Sun counters with their pick

—the other great PHX Suns blog, The Rising Suns, is impressed with how Amare of old is eerily back

CelticsBlog looks at what’s really going on with rumours. Yea, that’s an extra U in there, what? (RIP DJ)

—I’m sure you were dying for a Suck-o-Meter, well you’re in luck, Hooplah Nation uses the handy measuring tool for one Jason Collins!

Bobcats Bonfire, not really feeling the need of having all UNC all the time… just any quality players from anywhere is fine with them

—1 half of BlazerBlog is well, very very happy to get Freddy Jones, citing collegiate hilites and some lowlites (so that Missy song was about Fred). The other half looks at how shedding J-Dix was the way to go (also citing U of O ties—blood brothers 4 lifez!)

—on the flip side Arsenalist is completely fine kicking Fred out, oh and happy that Rasho actually plays: “We all know Rasho is soft as a spring pansy and anytime he comes up with a manly game like this, I wonder why he can’t do this more often.” teehee!

—the v2.0 IndyCornrow offers up key deficiencies in a loss that maybe having an un-retired Reggie Miller would help (not if he’s a little busy…)

—the Association: senior citizens dancers are the schnits!

iheartkg received a letter from McHale. Sadly, it wasn’t a letter of resignation.

—don’t you DARE say the words “small” or “ball” or just anything really, regarding Chris Duhon over at Blog-a-Bull

Hornets247 connects the dots: Tyson Chandler is to Scott Skiles as JR Smith is to Bryon Scott.

—an understandably down TZiller of SacTownRoyalty tells Ron Artest: “this marriage is over” (translation: I’m not cheering for you); “I’m keeping the kids“; (you better get us a good trade) and “you suck (okay, I added that one, but he’s still a crazy mofo) Side note: I oddly want to scream ZiiiiiiLLLEER! like I’m in a Bond movie ….. sorry, inappropriate.. moving on..

—the Mavericks are the best team right now, but Mavs Moneyball reveals that their media dept is also the funniest (unfair!)

—being Sonics fans has been up and down (mostly down), but SupersonicsSoul found a little joy that Jesus Shuttlesworth is playing to lift spirits (and gravity)

Pounding the Rock goes over Hollinger’s thoughts about the Spurs’ potential playoff success. Oh snap!

Scooper-9000 also provides all the Las Vegas Wayne Newton 24/7 Show All Star Weekend Festivities blog posts:

FanHaus: Brett Edwards’ Embedded Frontline Reporting and a brave recording with the BBJoneszzz

SLAMonline: Monolith of a recap (we’re talking Zhou Dynasty long here) by one S.Rubenstein and his band of misfits that were all up in the mutha as well

—TrueHoop, again, (or TruESPN as YAY! would say) was also there to TrueASG in all its TrueVegas TrueGlory.

WithLeather: Oh Sarah Spain, you and your “adventures” (CALL ME!)

BenchRenaldo alerted the police about a very despicable crime (he alerts the fashion police as well!)

—and Joey throws the events into perspective over at StraightBangin’

Finally, the 9000 is able to have all the angles covered, all 361° of it:

—very cool game day outing over at Weekends With Dad

SportsBizBlog wonders where a certain Jewish baller has gone (wait, I thought UM was Jewish Jordan!)

darvindarvindarvindarvinHAM. Darvin HAM!

—HoopsAddict mashes up cultures with a by tag-teaming the WWE; tells us that Oden and Durant are actually two different guys (huuhh) and gives us a review of “The Last Shot

MJD has the definitive coverage of that guy who said that stupid thing on that radio show a while ago

—finally, quickie look over at DailyBasketball getting a nice revamp (who also writes over at Utah Jazz Blog)

FINALLY finally, if you liked the blogs above, you seriously need to signup for BALLHYPE DOT COM, I’m telling you (well, Jason’s telling you too) this thing will OWN.

Thanks for tuning in Scooper-aficionados! Reps are standing/sitting by waiting for you to call… So remember folks, you gotta be:

Iceland readers: we’ll throw in this amazing CD, for free, only for you!

*we won’t actually give this for free, in fact, we’ll bill you another $600, you got hustled suckas! ps: no monkeys were harmed in the production of this informercial

Okay, so I’m still a bit hungover “tired” after losing the drinking bet to what some might call my friends and that makes critically analysing the All-Star Game pretty much non-existent for today’s post (or any other post for that matter). Oh, and “critically analysing the ASG?” haha, that’s gotta be an oxymoron right??

So instead of talking about Kobe Bryant’s multiple reverse jams looking like straight replays; instead of talking about how somewhat meta it was during those couple of Amare v. Dwight Howard lowpost battles; instead of focusing on Shaq’s perpetual loveability (smacked one on T-Mac AND brought out the HotSauce dribbling—which, Memo playing hardcore defense was priceless); instead of talking about how LeBron totally mistimed his off-the-glass dunk that ended terribly (haha making it up with an air ball three); instead of conceding that Vince Carter IS a staple for All Star Games every single year because seriously, he’s the best in the game at electrifying the crowd; instead of talking about the lame crowd not getting into the game; and finally, instead of trying to describe that smile I had when Gil did the trampoline dunk… I give thee… pretty lady pictures, Toni Braxton and of course, Chappelle (sitting next to PRINCE??? bwahahah where’s Kevin Smith??):

(side note… I’m not the “hippest” guy right.. I mean, I try to follow what’s going on with da kidz.. but Toni Braxton? Was this 1995? But still, wow)

Yo Seth, is she starting over David Lee? If so, I’ll be VERY angry (and happy at the same time—I’ve got issues).

Okay, that one symbolizes the Women’s Suffrage of the 1880s and how we need to continue and support women’s rights

I’m still looking for The Waiter’s solo dance number!

Dave! No! Don’t battle Prince again!!

新年快樂! Y’all

Yeah, around here is mainly basketball content, but just today, I felt like spreading the tiniest of culture for the rest of the blog world (even though I’m pretty much as non-cultured as one goes…)

So when you’re watching the All-Star game tonight, remember what it truly means, in the Chinese culture okay? But don’t just do it for me, do it for….David Stern’s plight for an NBA franchise in China.. *snif*

Oh and it’s the Year of the Pig, so I expect a Bacon shirt in the mail Wizznutzz!!

I’ll try not to get too drunk off rice beer by the 11:42min mark of the 1st quarter tonight…

Lightning Quick Thoughts on Last Night’s “events”:
— I so called Barkley winning.. I can’t cite it right now, but I swear I called it (it was around the same time I saw a pixie riding a unicorn!) but it was PRICLESS! and a KISS! Tim Hardaway better have not watched this!!
— Number of Eva Longoria name drop from Kevin Harlan and/or camera shot = my count was at 94 trillion (give or take 3..)
— Dunkfest: By far the the most creative we’ve seen in the past few years. These kids have imagination! I was pleased. But can’t believe they gipped Dwight Howard on his Sticker Dunk—what was crazy on so many levels and one of which is that it was fucking hilarious (and I love jokes!), I’m so sure he had a ton more flip-da-script type creativitisms..ah well… because… GERALD GREEN–insane, why can’t his nickname be ‘grasshoper’. C’mon, “green” eh? eh?? ah.
— For those keeping score at home, I’m 3 for 6 so far with All Star festivity predictions… that was useless info

What did you think about last night’s stuff? (as well as overall, and about Britney’s topping the latest A-train to coo-coo town of things that happen in a 1 and half week span? oh and elections of ’08?)

ps: HypeShirts are getting serious pub (thanks again Steinz! I’m not kidding about adding you to the tags, look up! hehe), check out the Updates here, thanks again guys! From it’s humble beginnings, I think this has become something totally awesome in ways that my nimble brain cannot ever truly comprehend

Prediction for All Star Game 07:

(You can subscribe to the rss.gif NBA Toons Feed here)

Okay, so I might’ve been a “little” off on my predictions last night. Uh..yeah, those were..’joke’ predictions..yeaah (good save!). Watching the celebrity game though, I fear that Tony Potts… of Access effin Hollywood is a better baller than me… that.. makes.. me.. so, so sad. Especially when he seems to be in slightly better shape than LT and Reggie Bush (and ooh man, that was a scary, in a totally “goddamn we saw this coming” type of way—thus, a little funny)

Predictions4Tonite! – Gerald Green Dunk-fu Master; JET sinks 7 in a row to win 3pt thingy; Mad Skilz goes to Wade because he’s fast, but dunno about them chest passes; and finally I’m going with team Houston.

Two things:

Getty Images Caption Folks are drunk and high

and here’s the second, and majorly more important:

I uh.. I.. um.. what.. was I…..I suddenly don’t remember my name..

Insider Marc Stein reported that Young Thunder Dwight Howard was planning on doing something, that’s well, insane-tastic:

Orlando sources report that Howard has been practicing a couple wicked maneuvers that might inject this dying competition with the ingenuity/originality it desperately needs. One is a 360 throwdown with the rim hiked to 12 feet, two feet higher than regulation. The other sets the rim at 11 1/2 feet and has Howard purportedly going between his legs with the ball in mid-air before flushing.

(I don’t have Insider myself, cuz besides spending my precious little cash on 80s jukeboxes, I’m a proud “Outsider”.)

Anyway, blah blah league is stupid, David Stern unbelievably pimp-smacks his fans again blah blah. What the article didn’t tell you though, was that Howard has a couple of fail safe backup dunks, checkz ’em out:

Caption: (Above) Giraffe says “on no!” Dwight says “oh yes! suck on that bitch!”

(Left) ooooh SNAP, it’s the C-141B Starlifter dunk son!


Celeb All Star game: Lame, but I’m picking da East. They have Donald Faison! Chocolate Bear!

Rookie Challenge: Lamer, but I’m calling ROOKS! And I’m calling an Il Mago (Andrea Bargnani) monster flush on Bogut!

…if only I remember what it is…hmm…eh, it’s probably nothing. I’ll just go ahead and spend the entire weekend doing my long awaited 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle without worry that there’s something going on. Yup.

Onto the Thumbtacks Batman!:

  • Didn’t want to start with some uglyness, but it’s pretty
    much the craziest fucking thing I’ve heard this morning/last night: Tim Hardaway Doesn’t Care About Gay People. MJD over at FanHaus has a nice couple of followups as well. tinyEdit: NBX always brings the h-a-h-A-game with a lil’ remix (but there’s no Lauren…snif.. that’s like something without something else) tinyEDITx2 here’s the video-style (thanks Justin!):

[livevideo id=D78C5028215C42F6BCADEA12BBCF4836]

  • Couldn’t you just imagine Timmy in the movie Borat with the way he outwardly said those things?sigh.. Here’re things that helps restore my faith in humanity:
  • is a fine site that’s looking for more people
    to participate in discussions of.. well, drills. So go on over and start spilling your secret suicide drills! And how do I know it’s a good site? Because it’s muuuch better than, those guys were fucking morons
  • blog world fav S-to-the-E-C-K-to-the-BACH gives us the downlo on the what what, the 411, the speeddial, the–okay I’ll stop–on: Valentine’s Day (well, yesterday..)
  • Jason Gurney wants YOU to enlist!…. in a beta thingy, (yo, I promise it’s friggin’ awesome, so ‘hop’ on it! [side note: yes, that’s a dig J, heh, my lawyers say I can win BIG!)]

And for all those Vegas bound peeps, THIS is what you’re missing, here in The MT-L:

from spcbrass because my camera sucks

Yeah, that’s right, snow, lots of it! Eat that.

This is going to be like the 4th straight post I’ve at least mentioned Memo Okur, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In lieu of yesterday’s announcement of his All-Star joinage, and after thinking long and hard about this: I’m starting an MVP campaign for Okur… surely Boozer deserves more consideration, but eff-that, I’m not going by that logic. Check it—

And if you want to join this campaign of epic proportions, please show it off to the world by wearing it all over your bodies over at the new Hype Store: Gears of Clothing

Here are a few examples, but there are a ton of other colors to select from. Be sure to check back from time to time up on the new tab next to the Toons called “!Shirts!” to see new ish!

I’m also happy to spotlight a new shirt that a certain someone has been bugging kindly helping me out with a special request (kinda Need4Sheed-esque, but I totally didn’t intend for that to happen, love Natalie’s stuff though!):

Also, not very NBA related, but because this is pretty much me most of the time:

There are also two designs transferred from the old CafePress store that some of you may remember as well. Don’t worry, that ol’ CafePress baby of a store will be up forever, if anything, to commemorate one of the bigger events of this blog (yes yes, you’ve all seen it a lot by now… sorry! I’m working on making a shirt and getting it to Chaka Khan soon!)

So yeah, go check out the some of the new stock over at The GoC!

Breaking news (not that I’m doing anything breaking.. or news-ing..):

From the glorious Temples Of

LAS VEGAS, February 13, 2007 – Ray Allen of the Seattle SuperSonics and Mehmet Okur of the Utah Jazz have been named by NBA Commissioner David Stern as a replacements for injured West All-Stars Allen Iverson (ankle) of the Denver Nuggets and Steve Nash (shoulder) of the Phoenix Suns for the 2007 NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, February 18 in Las Vegas. Chris Paul of the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets will replace Nash in the Playstation Skills Challenge.

The PlayStation Skills Challenge will be televised live nationally as part of the NBA All-Star Saturday Night, which will also feature the Foot Locker Three-Point Shootout, Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk and Haier Shooting Stars. TNT and ESPN Radio’s national coverage will begin at 8 p.m. EST from the Thomas & Mack Center. The NBA All-Star Game on Sunday, Feb. 18, will air live on TNT, ESPN Radio and in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Hah, that’s the entire press release, don’t even click on the link! Oh and ya ya, congrats to Jesus Shuttleworth as well. Just like I drew it up (‘pun’ shamelessly intended)! I should anoint more Official Unrelatedness Player of The Year I’m so good (you hear that Iggy? step up cous!) So it’s all good Seth, we can watch again, and the West will win! EDIT: beat me by a mile… and a continent (*cries in bed*)

To mark this is freaking awesome occasion, I have something fun coming, check back tomolo! It’s way better than all that Amaechi/Anna Nicole Smith/Obama silly “news” going on!

PS: The newest, hottest, flyest mixtape to date: TrueHoop – from Henry Abbott feat. ESPN yaaaa it’s a banger!

Quickie: The East All-Stars WILL WIN THE ALL STAR GAME!

I’m only basing this on the fact that there are a slew of players on the West that’s basically faking rehabing injuries:

  • Steve Nash
  • Iverson
  • possibly Melo
  • Yao (well, that’s legit)
  • Boozer
  • DJ MBenga

So there, I win.

Next Topic:

So that Sun Ming Ming kid… he’s kinda tall right? BOG has it covered since he arrived at DC and Steinz even has a short clip of him in action here

But check it, he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple months ago! And his English is pretty good I’d say, dunno why he needed a translator, lookie see:

Man, I wished that Wanda Sykes added even more spice to the interview. Oh and hell ya that translator is hot, I don’t care if it’s just cause I’m azn. And Jimmy is horrible at ball.

Next video, because if you’re a regular of this blog you know I loves me my toons, so this is totally me: