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And it’s a doodle… and it’s over here at Das Haus. Enjoy.

*this is probably fake… it’s what I imagine ‘Dre is up to these days..

For some reason a thought came in today out of nowhere (I know, weird): “hey, why the hell isn’t Andre Iguodala becoming a premier player already??” I’m not sure why I think he should be a premier player, but something inside (probably the kidney) is saying to me that this third year kid should and can have a Shawn Marion-esque career. But I really haven’t heard anything about Andre in a while—well, the major factor is that Philly isn’t exactly a bastion for media enthusiasm nowadays, with the losing and whatnot.

I just hope he can develop into an All-Star someday, I just want to root for him. And the comparison with Marion isn’t that bad right? Their numbers sorta match up, and they’re both very athletic beyond measure. So if Iggy can lessen his guard aspect and just focus on being a frontman receiver and get more boards I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to say he can do some Matrix-y damage…

Oh that is.. until the Sixers recognize how to play to this strength and not simply go straight to AnythingGoesVille. But that is going to be… never, at least not this season *sigh*

Have fun with the Mentos! (oh btw I just remembered he’s on my fantasy team hah! shows how much I pay attention to my league…)

As in, Tracy McGrady’s un-freakin-believable back is at it again.

Look, Tracy, um, TMac, wait wait…TeeDawg, you and me dude, we’re friends right? Remember when you started blowing up in Orlando, throwing off the glass alleys to yourself? Good times right? I was there with you the whole time man, vouching for your legitimacy, having serious fights (psychologically and physically) with friends debating who’s better: AI or you (which looking at it now… you both seem like jerks).

When others feel you’re made of glass for all of last year, I still had that glimmer of hope, “nah, T-Cuz is gonna be sick, I can feel it” So much so that I took you on my Fantasy team. Now you’re out again, for the year?! How DARE you. You know what man? It’s over with us. Yeah, I’m breaking up with you. It’s not ME, it’s YOU. Don’t bother coming back, I’m changing the locks.

Yes, yes, I know you’re a human being and you have an actual ailment. But when it comes to messing my first try at playing fantasy? All bets are off buddy!

hugs & kisses

(Sorry if this wasn’t either a post about Iverson or the basketball change. It’s not that I’m snobby like that, but really just because I can’t contribute to those items rationally. I mean, you really want me to say Iverson should swap with Luke Ridnour?)

Here’s some ARM PORN for y’all:

arm porn!!

You put people like Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell, Kenny Smith AND the Sports Guy Bill Simmons in a Fantasy League, surely wacky message board hijinks/classic trash talking will ensue n’est pas? Well..not quite…

what a league Posted By Bill Simmons (The Champs) Posted On 11/17/2006 1:13 PM ET

All the crappy teams get to cherry-pick the best free agents each week and the teams that actually picked good teams and have been winning don’t get to improve. Next year I’m pulling a Bernie Mac and tanking the first 2 weeks so I can pick up Andres Biedrins on my team. Oh, wait, Bernie didn’t intentionally tank the first 2 weeks? I’m sorry… my bad.

Ooh, Bernie, what you say??

Re:what a league Posted By Bernie Mac Posted On 11/20/2006 2:32 PM ET

Bill, Bill, Bill … Man, I didn’t know you had the truth in you. You finally manned up, Bill.

Hmm, still not at the fireworks level that I want from you guys! C’mon guys, I know this isn’t your real medium, but what else you got? Pamela Anderson/Kid Rock, I know you WILD childs have some naughty things to say!

Centers available Posted By Pam Anderson/Kid Rock Posted On 11/02/2006 9:39 AM ET

Our team has 4 players (Okur, Dalembert, Paculia, Camby) that can fill the center position. There are a few of you that have only one center. Make us an offer. We are looking for a forward.

zzzzz… whha? *sighs* Fine, so you guys are actually serious about this… geez, I can pretty much peak in to any other fantasy league board and much find the same type of conservations. (Not my league though, we’re anti-social and don’t like instigating in fear of actual backlash)

If you’re still reading, here’s how that Celeb-Fantasy League Message Board can be hyped, UnrelatednessStyle:





Man, can’t have some sort of pay per view for THAT version? Or just have Sam L. type WHAT! a lot.

Celebrity Fantasy League [ via Gil’s blog (seriously, that’s where I get all my news now.. even local news.. and weather)]

Longest. Bracket. Explanation. Ever.

fantasyisland.jpgHey hey, the rookie fantasy baller is in 5th place after 1 week y’all! It’s ova! (what? there’s another 7 months to go…?)

Anyway, few thoughts on watching games now that I have fantasy points on the line: T-Mac, you friggin bum, learn to shoot better! Geez man, you’re colder than cold, you’re -273.16 °C or 0 (K) on the Kelvin scale (ohh nerd snap!)

The rest of ma boys are doing alright, I just wish Jeff Van Gundy would let Juwan Howard have more burn, he’s better than 5 minutes of PT. And don’t worry Lucas, Diaw should improve after looking at game tape between cookie reps and donut crunches.


Oooh, amusing (for me at least) funfact: while looking for the new ball pic, using google images I actually found my entry up thurr. Three cheers for UnrelatednessBanana and our riding of the newest fad!

Like YAY!, this is our first time playing in any type of Fantasy league. We were able to join the good folks (one province over!) over at and their league for this upcoming season.

Other than knowing we needed players, we’re not totally sure how to win it. But whatever the outcome, we’ll be the first ones to let you know we still won.

The following is TheHype’s Unrelatedness Gang roster:

First up, the Cash Cows (please PLEASE let T-Mac be healthy):
(C’mon guys! Say it with me: Re-cord-break-ing-year!)

Then comes the Posin’ 4some:

“Hello? Yes, yes, me friends are, how you say.. ‘smoothy’? We good at basket and even one knows computer! Sexy!”

And who can forget, who are these dudes??kurtthomas.jpghoward.jpg



Okay guys? One of you gets a new Forrest Gump DVD if you keep your stats up to at least the All-Star break. Cool? Awesome! Go Team!