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Things you may or may not be interested in about our lovely NBA players’ lives…

Yao Ming got married and this teammates celebrated the event by playing softball (holy crap, T-Mac’s bro pulled in some talent! … upon the updates… they do not have any relations… still hot)

— Rafer was so happy for Yao he went and got himself jailed for the night

— James Posey, even though he’s not even a teammate of Yao’s, decided to drop trou

Kobe may or may not be divorced

A debate for the ages

— and Scrap is doing God’s work with a very serious and important coverage of our lifetime!

Blog-father Jamie Mottram and an Uncheezed Dan Steinberg makes it rain again…

BUT!! What’s this? Another “blog show”?! Who do these guys think they are? No DINGS? a commercial break? no obscure one-liner jokes?? Amateurs!

(actually kind of amusing tho, hopefully those guys talk about ’bout hoops in later epz… don’t worry Mott, you still da best *chest thump*)

Tiny-Tim Update: just so videos comes in threes, here’s one on the FanHouse with Nash and the Brazilian Blur trampling all over what’s left of Lionel Richie’s carcass (because of Nicole Richie you see… ah snark…)

Well huff, last couple of weeks were a dud in the wide word of sports. What? You haven’t heard? It’s like this: MLB and Mr. Barry Bonds breaking the all time record with allegations of doping… Tour de France and cyclists with allegations of doping… WWE and its wrestlers with allegations of doping… NBA ref Tim Donaghy with allegations of doping… wait… that last one might not be true. Anyways, here’s to things adjusting back to the betterment of mankind (you can’t see, but I’m holding up my arms waiting for a high five… don’t leave me hanging dudes!)

— Shirtless white guys. Check. Typical rap music. Check. Looking like a bunch of idiots. Check and check.

Slap my bitch up

Wizznutzz haves you new FUnny shritzzz!!!!!!

— Over at the ALL NEW! Mr. Irrelevant (with 120000% more man!) lastest ep of Blog Show

— It might not be a stretch that the drunk astronaut was a Simpsons fan. Who the eff isn’t eh?

A two hit combo for this slowth day going…

Blog Show keeps on truckin’

Team USA scrimmagin where Kobe gets NASTILY blocked by LeBron and wins the game…

— annnnd… everything in the blog world about that Donaghy fellow

Actually, before we go, said fellow had to get help from cops because of calls threatening him. Unconfirmed sources say that one of the calls asked for an I. P. Freeley.

Oh and shit, check out the house of the motherfucker

That’s the O.C. house right there! Take a closer look at the sign:


Things to read as you try and keep up with Jack and Meg in the wild land that is Halifax…

Photorealism Will Set You Free

Newest NBA Carnival is 非常に優秀, well done With Malice!

Blog Show has a little change up this week… ha ha ha

— No one cares other than Canadians (and maybe a couple Brits), but Conrad Black is goneth yo (now that’s how a “media baron” should look— corrupt and full of power-lust!)

— Eesh… Church giving back guilt money… just icky

— Maybe they can combine this new show with Shaq’s show? Scare the living fat outta them!

— Well, looks like FanHouse has one spot that’s vying to compete, in terms of sheer bloggers at least

Obama is a pimp, well, maybe some context will help (songs/lyrics aren’t that great, buuuut… hey ladies… I’m running for uh… um… librarian, holla at your boi!)

— and last but not least, Sam Rubenstein wants you to know that he’s Watching you … omg lookbehindyou!!!

I’m so fickle with this linking feature name that I should really just call this: URLs, WHAT! and be done with the schizophrenia. Anyways, after a weekend of doing something I can’t totally remember, some links for your amusement (as well as mine, since I effin’ found them!):

— I helped out with a post about something he he he that happened between FanHouse and the other day … let’s just say that now, it should be obvious that it’s a bit beyond blogging etiquette and more like “duh, rules!” | FanHouse

— over at Ballhype, where I’m also helping out (call 1-800-TheHype-Random-Help, it’s only $10 million a minute!) we’re voting for best film appearances by athletes yo. Get your thespians on | Ballhype

— the Rockets will be a force next yearsigh, how many times have we said that now, the last 4 years? | Clutch 3

— man, over the weekend while playing pickup, this guy totally killed Kevin Garnett by saying the Wolfs are so horrible because of him and him alone. Surely, I said, this guy called Kevin McHale has some hand in a terrible team right? No way, KG is a loser, not a winner, replies pickup guy. Then I spent the next 10 mins crying and questioning my faith in the Ticket… ALL THAT TO SAY, he could be still traded, and some possibilities here | Wolves Watch

— Yo that dunk on Yi was so Gay! um… a little offensive..? Okay, I’m sorry… | FanIQ

No. 1 and 2 picks in what? Sucktown? (High-fives my dork-self!) | SoSM

Kwame Brown: A Walking Punchline | You Been Blinded

— WTF, they’re literally remaking all my childhood tv shows into movies?? |

— Holy crap, OCTO-SQUID! First thought: wonder if it tastes awesome fried? What? | Laughing Squid

Hmm, Return of the Jedi; Return of the Mac; LOTR: The Return of the King … any other I missed?

Oh, yay, NBAOU on B-Show as they bring ’em out once again:

The hell, another Rush Hour movie? Haven’t we exhausted the the Sino-African American stereotype jokes yet? Guess not (via Nyjer Please):

Heeeey, I see what they’re doing … looks awfully familiar to …

I think the industry calls that an ho-mage. Word.

— Other video madness fun over at You Been Blinded with Legos. Man I wish I was still a toddler.

Ballhype interviewing Basketball-Reference … that’s like my clock intervieing my phone (horrible, horrible analogy) in that both spots are crazy smart and can do some serious damage with a TI-89 Texas Instrument son!

— and hey, since the man Jason Gurney at Ballhype (and his lovely wife Erin) has been the greatest to me, check out his story in an interview by Bugs & Cranks (I got smarter just by reading it! true story!)

— I can unbiased-ly say the Blowtorch‘s vunderbar cariatures > all of these crabby little donuts combined (*sniff…tears…*)

So Shard to Magic. Hmm. It’s a boatload of change, but I mean, with the possibility of Grant Hill gone (or worst, staying and still not helping much) and a very young team that doesn’t have that one player that can create when needed… I don’t see why it’s not a good idea.

Sure Lewis isn’t all that and cupcake, but Orlando needs something, anything to upgrade themselves. I pronounce thee: OK signage

In other news:

Holy crap Stephon Marbury is jokes jokes jokes| SLAMonline

Awesome breakdown look at the Yi Jianlian $$ machine | GSoM

Agent Black President Zero Countdown updates his blog and he makes funny (via Gilbertology) |

D’oh! A Deer! A fucking dead female deer | Our Book of Scrap

Dean Cain wants to show off his Kryton balla skillz | Winning the Turnover Battle

Fantasy Bballin’ – who should be #1 pick this year? I say Dick Bavetta | Give Me The Rock

In other other (weird and Canuckistan) news:

Pizza and nude pics women… that’s evolution my friends|

Giving birth to your half-sister? That’s one of the plots from that Wayans movie wasn’t it? |

Don’t pull this guy’s finger… just.. just don’t do it |

All three of them are vegans! (get it? Common… the artist… aha aha ha… ha… *slams head on table in shame for sad sad joke*)

ANYhow, via AZsportsHUB, I see that the Phoenix Suns best defender/best shaven head dude is a veggie-ian. I believe I heard of this story a while back from SteinzBogz where Dan found out that Rah Rah considers cheese off limits — but not on pizzas. (and hey, lookie who commented on that post!)

What’s MORE interesting, is the list of the SEXY VEGETARIAN CELEBRITIES found here on where you can actually vote for your fav people to be all sexy while they eat their celery.

Color me surprised, not only KRS-One, KZA are on the list, but Q-Tip?? Man, GoVeg folks, way to vet the list. Oh and Salim Stoudamire is a celebrity? Maybe to Unsilent Majority, but um, I don’t think Carrie Underwood is worried about her top spot.

Ah, and why the hell not, a nice sexy pic of last year’s miss sexy vegan Ms. Kristen Bell aka girl of Hype’s dreams *(small voice) you’ll always be Veronica Mars to me (/small & creepy voice)*

Thanks Matthew for the tipzzzz!